Mmmm. Pye!

We love Pye Corner Audio here at Hickeysonic. So we were excited to see this live set pop up on that YouTube they have now.

Dig in…


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There was a period – a glorious, acid-dappled period – in the late eighties (and into the very early nineties) where shit got weird. It started earlier, in New York and in Texas )(Butthole Surfers were probably the motherlode of whatever it was), but that deep lysergic, ugly / beautiful weirdness seeped into industrial music, metal, indie, dub and hiphop and so much else around that time. (Adrian Sherwood remixing an Einsturzende Neubaten song that Pussy Galore also covered felt like the apotheosis somehow).

I think Simon Reynolds came up with ‘arsequake’, meaning bands like the Surfers, Sonic Youth, Big Black and the rest, but I always liked ‘pigfuck’ better. You can all argue among yourselves about who was(n’t) part of this world, but the bands on this mix summon up that period for me, when everyone seemed to be off their tits and Nirvana hadn’t yet come along and ruined everything.

Pigfuck Ting is dedicated to Simon, who never really moved on…

Pigfuck Ting

  1. Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball
  2. Pussy Galore – Dick Johnson
  3. Big Black – Passing Complexion
  4. Loop – The Nail Will Burn
  5. My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me With Your Kiss
  6. Fudge Tunnel – Bed Crumbs
  7. Melvins – Zodiac
  8. Happy Flowers – Razors In My Apple
  9. Spit – Road Pizza
  10. Big Stick – Crack Attack (Remix)
  11. Einsturzende Neubauten – Yu-Gung [Adrian Sherwood mix]
  12. Tackhead – Mind At The End Of The Tether
  13. Boredoms – Jah Called AC/DC
  14. God – Hate Meditation
  15. Godflesh – My Own Light
  16. World Domination Enterprises – Asbestos Lead Asbestos
  17. Killdozer – Pig Foot and Beer
  18. Dinosaur Jr. – Don’t
  19. Terminal Cheesecake – Blow Hound
  20. Stretchheads – Three Pottery Owls [with innuendo]
  21. Silverfish – Dolly Parton
  22. Mudhoney – In ‘n’ Out of Grace
  23. Sonic Youth – Eric’s Trip
  24. Scratch Acid – Mess
  25. The Jesus Lizard – Blockbuster
  26. 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut
  27. The Young Gods – Longue Route
  28. Butthole Surfers – Perry


There was so much I nearly included here that got dropped (partly for length but also for being slightly too late or not fucked up enough) – Meat Beat Manifesto, Revolting Cocks, Consolidated, Ween, Stickmen With Rayguns, Beatnigs, Swans etc etc. And there might be a follow-up since there’s a lot of stuff around at the moment which fits the drooling, mud-covered bill.



Doom Ting!


Hi! Prince Reelfoot here.

So I’ve been doing mixes again, under the guise of Doom Ting. So far there’s been three Doom Tings proper and a Jazz Thing.

The Doom Tings are much like the Panic & Carousels mixes but with an even looser brief I guess, and are all mixed live (and mostly selected live too).

I’m hosting them over at hearthis because I like the format and you can download the mixes too.

Click on the pics for the mixes, innit? There’ll be more – slowly.

Doom Ting 1 Cover.jpg
Doom Ting 1

Doom Ting 2.jpg

Doom Ting 2

Doom Ting 3

Doom Ting 3

Jazz Ting.jpg


Jazz Ting


I’ve seen things you people would wouldn’t believe

Now, that’s what you call iconic. So long Rutger. Not long back we were talking at Hickeysonic manor about The Legend Of The Holy Drinker in which he gives an incredible performance. Here’s a long, slow, virtually wordless scene from the end of the film in which he drinks wine in a bar while it hammers down rain outside. Like a moving painting, it’s a gorgeous thing. The internet is full of lengthy clips like this now isn’t it? Hours of Blade Runner background drone and so on. This wasn’t really the done thing in 80’s cinema though. I don’t think it would hurt to loop this and have it in the background. Especially not on a day when it feels the earth is about to catch fire. Much as it felt when Grumbling Fur made this lovely record, I’m quite surprised nobody’s done it yet.

The Fall on a Friday – Susan vs Youthclub

In which we ponder whether M.E.S. would have been a good neighbour, because everybody needs good neighbours. Even cantankerous post punk poets. Apparently inspired by the plotlines of afternoon Australian soaps and daytime drinking ‘Susan vs Youthclub’ seemed to mark a return to form after a couple of confused and rocky years in Fall-ville. The last Fall single I bought on the 20th century format of 7″ vinyl for one reason and another. I had no idea about the Neighbours link for years. This video accompanies the tune with clips of the show in which, as in the song, Susan slips on some milk and suffers amnesia. She thinks she’s 16 again until a confusing incident in a youthclub where the other kids recognise her as their teacher and she sees her aged face in the bathroom mirror. Perhaps Mark could relate. I sometime feel like that at gigs myself if I’m honest. It also features a story in which he leaves his teeth in the back of Badly Drawn Boy’s car having drunkenly mistaken him for a cab. Being a good neighbour, Badly drove him home and later returned the teeth.

The Fall on a Friday – F’oldin’ Money

Smacking your foreheads in unison and crying “Of course! why didn’t I think of that?” because The Fall and a visual history of Barbie is an obvious combination we’ve all been waiting to see, we just didn’t know it. It has its wry charms for sure, and a Barbie twist at the end. An excellent cover of Tommy Blake’s 1959 weirdo rockabilly hit given the full Fall-abilly  speed-freak clatter and some great handclaps the original could have sorely used.
‘F’oldin Money’ came out as a single just 20 short years ago. How can that be?