Hell’s Teeth . . . Lets ROCK!!

Our erratic mood-lifting-through-pop-video thing hiccups back into life with this joyously ridiculous clip for the new-ish single from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. ‘Hell’s Teeth’ is the triumphant finale of Viscerals, the third album from our most fearlessly silly metal warriors. The single release comes with an electronic deconstruction from label mate J. Zunz. This superb video accompaniment is an irresistible ride into danger with an iguana at the wheel, naturally. Really, if this can’t raise a smile it’s time to take the cheap wine to the park bench and wait for the end – all the signs point to it not being long now. But hopefully before that they’ll get to tour this album next spring and we won’t all be terrified to go.


Hello there friends. It’s been a while. It’s been weird, huh? Remember back in the day when we all used to read blogs? And moan about the ones that posted too many youtube links because broadband was shakey and dial-up was murder? Yeah you do. Stuart Maconie will be giving it the gruff dismissal /faraway sigh combo on ‘I Love the 00’s’ before you know it. Anyway, now nobody cares or reads blogs but broadband is less shakey (although nationally owned and superfast would be better) we can post all the youtube clips we like and no one will care or, possibly, know.

2020 is a year that has truly united humanity to cry out in the night alone but also with one voice “THIS IS SHIT! I mean, I thought 2017 and 18 were shit but fucksakes are you kidding me with this?”

So, in an attempt to find our dropped smart phone in the chemical toilet that is life right now, I thought I’d post up some videos of great stuff from 2020 to show that even here, in this cavalcade of unbelievable human twattery, there is light and joy and good to be found in people.

As much to convince myself as anything. Why not start with Hen Ogledd? New Album Future Humans is an absolute charmer, very much unlike almost anything else around and ‘Trouble’ is a solid gold pop smash from a parallel, better, world that we can’t afford passage to. Fairly sure it previously had a more home made video clip but this ones nice too.

Have a good weekend.

Supernormal 2019 in pictures

Apparently it’s a whole year since Supernormal returned as good if not better after taking 2018 off. Forced into another missed year, here’s some pictures I never got around to posting from 2019. A splendid weekend, the weather was agreeable, the company delightful and the music mostly excellent. Here follows a bunch of adequate photographs and random comments . . .

Friday kicked off on the shed stage with Birmingham’s small but mighty HAQ123 churning out the pre-teen doom with considerable aplomb. The band themselves avoid any dressing up foolishness but are joined by an alien and the imposing figure of the reaper himself for a fiery ‘Deathmaker’. It’s no exaggeration to say the kids have grown up at this festival, a couple of years ago the were stage diving to Big Lad and Cattle. In an interesting innovation they complete their set on stage and then crowd surf off to some pre-recorded hold music…

Haq123 with green alien and deathmaker


I say Horse! you say… BASTARD!! Not only is their name tremendous fun to say, or just randomly yell, but they call themselves ‘Equestrian blastcore’. It’s clear Horsebastard don’t take themselves entirely seriously. We’re expecting them to be sloppily entertaining but they turn out to be exhiliratingly sharp, furiously well drilled power violence. They go over a storm and are suddenly everyone’s new favourite band.

Chris Horsebastard rockin’ the SuBo love

The Utopia Strong

Meanwhile, in the Vortex, The Utopia Strong are churning out a curious but pleasing blend of modular synth and kraut-prog explorations. Steve Davis twiddles knobs like a snooker champion.

Soft Issues

Dawson for all ages

Hen Ogledd’s Dawn and Sally



GG Allan Partridge get Sunday going with some feisty, unholy racket. It’s uplifting despite some technical issues. They trot offstage in style accompanied by the Black Beauty theme

GGAllan Partridge

Basic Dicks

Dead Neanderthals – Dutch Free Jazz in pastel shades

Zu – skronky good times

Electric Matthew – Jimmy Maiden

60 Seconds Of Madness

Some time ago, back in the days of Basic FM (RIP), I hit on the idea of creating a mix that started with a one second track and went up in increments of one second until the mix was 24 hours long. I did the maths (I’d need 418 songs, the last of which would be 6 minutes long and would need to be faded a bit early) and started to pick the tracks. Then, as with most things, it got forgotten.

Lockdown led me to consider the idea again and I inevitably realised that past a certain point the whole thing stopped being interesting and instead just became a mix of slowly lengthening tracks. Indeed, it seemed to hit this point around the the one-minute mark where doodles and interludes stopped and songs started.  So I decided to limit the project to 60 tracks, from 1 to 60 seconds in length.

I deliberately did no research so I’m sure this has been done before, probably better.

For the third year, Gary Lang (St James Infirmary etc) has organised The Great August The First Exhibition, inviting submissions from the ‘public’ (ie the shadowy cabal of disgruntled artists and malcontent musicians that make up his social circle) to be made on or before August 1st. As the man says, it’s an opportunity for us all to say “‘I made this today’. it can be anything you like,a poem, a song, a drawing, a hinge, an omelette, a painted toenail, owt that takes yer fancy. Just a way to be able to say at the end of the day,, no matter how good or shitty, I made this today.”

This seemed like the ideal forum for my 60 Seconds Of Madness* mix so here it is.

(* apologies to Coldcut)

There were a surprising number of decisions needing to be made to put this together, so here are the ‘rules’ I made myself:

  • Track lengths would be based on what was displayed as the ‘length’ in a Windows explorer folder (see below)
  • Any track that had too much dead air at either end was discounted.
  • Tracks were mixed very slightly if at all.
  • Other than that, first thought best thought – I just grabbed the most interesting looking track (the only editing being the avoidance of more than one track by one artist).

Here’s the tracklisting:

01 Rewind Vox (Reggae Sound FX Collection)

02 Unknown – Mr Custard

03 The Descendents – No, ALL!

04 The Million Dollar Quartet – Too Much Monkey Business

05 Plone – Bibi Plone Loop

06 The Bob’s Burgers Cast – Buckle It Up

07 Joni Mitchell – I’s A Muggin’ (Rap)

08 King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude – Religion From Her (Scene 2)

09 Cornershop – King Kongs

10 Matmos – Extending The Plastisphere To GJ237b

11 Gravediggaz – Just When You Thought It Was Over (Intro)

12 Modest Mouse – Dig Your Grave

13 Tomita – Infernal Dance Of King Kastechi

14 Gil Scott Heron – I Was Guided Interlude

15 Coil – Tunnel of Goats XVI

16 The Fatima Mansions – Concrete Block

17 The Country Teasers – Success

18 Robyn – Bionic Woman

19 Roots Manuva Vs Wrongtom – Dub Decay

20 Bauhaus – Wasp

21 Faust – Exercise

22 David Holmes – Voices, Siren, Rain

23 Unknown – We Walk Around The Streets

24 Brakes – Pick Up The Phone

25 Saint Etienne – Here Come Clown Feet

26 Can – Pnoom

27 Einstürzende Neubauten – Bertolt Brecht Und Der Weltempfänger

28 Link 3 – Welcome To The Night

29 The Books – It’s Musiiiiic!

30 MDC – Church & State

31 Graeme Miller & Steve Shill – The Moomins Theme Outro

32 Broadcast – A Goblin

33 Sophie Cooper – Oh Dana

34 Frank Sidebottom – Puff’N’Blow

35 Boards Of Canada – Energy Warning

36 Broken Family Band – Roman Johnson One

37 Teeth of the Sea – Leder

38 Minutemen – Three Car Jam

39 Butthole Surfers – Lonesome Bulldog II

40 The McCrary Sisters – Let’s Go

41 Wire – Brazil

42 Monkees – Seeger’s Theme (Version 2 – Mono Mix)

43 The Mekons & Kathy Acker – I Want To Tell You About Myself

44 Carl Orff – Instrumental Dance

45 Minor Threat – Straight Edge

46 zoviet: france – Waiting At The Gate

47 Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Shadowy Countdown

48 Peaches – Fuck Or Kill

49 Tony Allen – Atuwaba

50 Clinic – DJ Shangri-La

51 Kate Bush – Night Scented Stock

52 Brainiac – Indian Poker Pt 3

53 Krzysztof Komeda – Sarah In Bath

54 Chumbawamba – When An Old Man Dies

55 Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane – Abide With Me

56 DJ Yoda – 9 To 5

57 John Cage – Radio Music (edit)

58 Raymond Scott – Bufferin’ Memories

59 Sonic Youth – Nic Fit

60 Keith LeBlanc – Ending


Right Place, Wrong Speed

At times like this we need heroes. Praise be then for Joe Colossus, who has decided to invest the vast fortune he’s amassed from Hey Colossus, Henry Blacker and being a logistics industry kingpin, by setting up an indie record label. Old school style – 100-run vinyl releases, personal taste curation, all that good good stuff.

First up is a new album from Reigns, the crazy sound of young Wessex. And judging by the full tilt folk horror eeriness of the lead track it’s going to be great.

After that, new releases from Sweet Williams and Acidliner (aka Rhys from Hey Colossus).

This is all very inspiring stuff. Pre-orders already flying out so don’t sit on this.


Leave The Planet With Sound

Here’s a spur of the moment, seat of the pants, hot off the press mix of mostly new but sometimes not sounds. Harshed buzzes, unplugged electronics, nauseating bass lurch, deep space exploration, Baba Yaga throbs, stethoscope excursions and demented skank. Tyneside represent!



  1. Kevin Richard Martin Feedback Cycle 7 – Angel Of Death
  2. Daniel Herskedal – Våkenatt
  3. Dextro – Connect
  4. Nick Edwards – The Same
  5. Deep Space Duo – Saturn’s Mystery Moon, “Peggy”
  6. Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – Land
  7. IX Tab – The Empty Shell (II)
  8. Wreaths – Moss Cauled
  9. Nathalie Stern – Blade Patch
  10. Teleplasmiste – Possessors of the Orb
  11. Radiophonic Workshop – Not Come To Light
  12. Staraya Derevnya – 13.10.17 (Excerpt)
  13. Chlorine – Vowel Rembor
  14. Sly & The Family Drone – My Torso Is A Shotgun
  15. Workin’ Man Noise Unit – 1970
  16. Mummise Guns – Dog Cocked
  17. Grey Hairs – Piss Trangressor
  18. King Cannibal – Doomsday Dancehall
  19. Coil – Broken Aura (Bjarki Pandemix)
  20. Craven Faults – Eller Ghyll (President Bongo Rework)
  21. Mike Bourne – Hop The Railings

Man Is The Virus

I was honoured to be asked to knock up a mix by the mighty Opal Tapes, and since I’ve been all melancholy country and soul and whatnot lately, I got deeply into making something deep and dirty and bassy and abrasive. And here’s the result. There’s a lot of looking back fondly to the glory days of breakcore and Brixton and 414 and Ambush Records in here too.

And thanks to John Convery for the brilliant photo he let me use for the artwork

Man Is The Virus - Front Cover


Here’s the tracklisting

  1. Killing Sound – Thousand Hands (Blackest Ever Black)
  2. Ossia – Dub Hell (Blackest Ever Black)
  3. Wayne Lyrics – Shot A Lick (X-Rated)
  4. El Mahdy Jr. – Primitive Methods (Boomarm Nation)
  5. Vivian Jackson & King Tubby – Tubby’s Vengeance (Micron Music)
  6. New Kingdom – Shining Armor (Gee Street)
  7. Kid Baltan – Song Of The Second Moon (Philips)
  8. Sonic Subjunkies – Railton Road Blues (Praxis)
  9. Unruly Milk – Inside Sarah’s Coffin (Blackcat)
  10. Terry Lynn – Kingston Logic (Acapella) (Phree)
  11. Ore – Skarn (Baker Edit) (Box)
  12. Techno Animal – Monosphate (Force Inc)
  13. I-Sound & DJ Scud – Short Sharp Shock (Ambush)
  14. Team Shadetek ft Skepta – Reign (Sound-Ink)
  15. Monolake – Cern (Monolake / Imbalance)
  16. clipping. – Wriggle (Sub Pop)
  17. Felix K – Fundamentals (Onar Anxiety Remix) (Blackest Ever Black)
  18. L.Pierre – Dumbum (Melodic)
  19. Hacker Farm / Libbe Matz Gang – Crass In Africa (not on label)
  20. Ghislain Poirier and Seba – L’art de la Fellation (Version) (Shockout)
  21. Mohamed Al Ali – Mili Alay (Sway To Me) (Sham Palace)
  22. $un $keletons – Winding Down The Gramophone (Cruel Nature)


Man Is The Virus - Back Cover





May A Thousand Flowers Blóm

The mighty Blóm are dangerously close to releasing their debut album Flower Violence (on Box Records) which is coming out just after their tour supporting Pigs x7, a double whammy that proves once and for all that Newcastle roolz and Birmingham droolz.

And here’s a video for the single, Be Kind. So much pink, so much RAAAARRRGGGHHH!

Rumours that the B-side is a version of Sea Coal backed by The Wilson Family could not be confirmed as we went to press.