Woven Skull 

After seeing Woven Skull half a dozen times in 2015 and being blown away each and every time, 2016 has been decidedly lacking unless you count The Tor Invocation Band or drinking rum at Sin Eater.

So for now this will have to do – the band in a rehearsal space tearing us a new one.

Woven Skull // Live in Guerrilla Sounds Studios, Dublin

Hickey-Normal Super-sonic

EDITED TO ADD: we’ve confirmed that we’ll be appearing in the Red Kite Bar Stage on Saturday evening at 6.30pm (after the Bowie-oke) and 8pm (after Turtle Yama).

So that dastardly duo Thee Monkey’s Claw and Prince Reelfoot will be making their first appearance as Hickeysonic since we played Supersonic Xmas Party back in 2014. We’re going to be playing the Red Kite Stage (ie, the bar)at Supernormal between some bands on Saturday evening, and also putting in an appearance in Farmer Glitch’s Big Pink Shed at some point.


This isn’t Farmer Glitch’s Big Pink Shed, we don’t have a picture of that. This is EVERYBODY’S Small Wooden Compost Toilet. But it’s probably about the same size, and if Thee Monkey’s Claw decides it’ll be funny to play the Venetian Snares remix of Skelechairs *again* it’ll be a far more pleasant place to hang out.

See you there.

Rub ‘Til It Bleeds – PJ Harvey live in 1991


here at Hickeysonic House we’re a little giddy today having secured tickets for Polly Harvey’s tour later in the year. I’m sure all right thinking people agree the new album developed the sound of ‘Let England Shake’ into something stronger and the televised Glastonbury performance was an absolute triumph. So obviously we’re happy about that, and what a band she’s got at the moment as well – just incredible. Anyway, I popped along to the you-toobs, watched a bit of Glastonbury and searched for some clips of the ‘To Bring you My Love’ band with Eric Drew Feldman. I discovered a couple of things along my way. Firstly there actually are people who don’t like the newer stuff and pretty much wish she’d never grown or changed as an artist. Because people are idiots. And secondly this great little early live set from a few months before ‘Dry’ was released. Being long in the tooth and sore of back we’re old enough to remember way back then and how very striking her arrival on the scene was. It was almost immediately obvious, certainly by the time ‘Dry’ came out, that it was more than just a good indie rock band, that Polly was a unique voice, a major artist and she’d soon leave us behind and go out and conquer the wide world. She didn’t know it yet though, it’s an occasional reward of going to see a lot of gigs that you sometimes catch people who don’t yet know just how good they are. She caught on pretty fast to the power she has though and (after a brief wobble about doing music at all) has been using it to continually impressive effect ever since.

I’m not the biggest fan of a lot concert videos on tinternet but this one is worth your time. A short half hour set from what is basically a hometown show. The footage is endearingly shonky and dim, shot from the the mixing desk most likely on old vhs but nonetheless pretty good. I find it preferable to the ultra high def super close up footage you get from Glastonbury. It wasn’t a such problem with PJ but watching some of the other sets it seemed to suck the life and presence out of the bands. More importantly, while there are a few old school tape wobbles later on, the sound is fantastic and captures the amazing full tilt roar of the early trio just beautifully. There are already songs that would turn up on ‘Rid Of Me’ in the set and the end on ‘Water’. God, I used to love it when she did that, still one my favourites . It’s fierce. It’s had me leaping around grinning.



50ft Queenie

Astronaut Music From Bedlam

Finally got round to putting together a new Panic & Carousels column for Narc – you can read it here.

Astronaut Music From Bedlam.jpg

This one has Woven Skull, Girl Sweat, Sly & The Family Drone, drcarlsonalbion, Hey Colossus, Melvins, Girl Sweat, Boris, Concrete Tapes, St James Infirmary, Khünnt, Peter J Smyth and Cluster.

As usual, it comes with a mix – stuff that’s mentioned in the column, stuff I should have mentioned, and a few things just because they fit.

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Portland Vows – Free Milk
  2. Melvins – War Pussy
  3. Boris – Heavy Rock Industry
  4. Hey Colossus – Wired, Brainless (version)
  5. drcarlsonalbion – She Moved Thru’ The Fair
  6. Blown Out – Gravitic Imploder
  7. Girl Sweat – The Floor Swallowed Me Whole
  8. Nisennenmondai – #3
  9. Ex-Easter Island Head – Ten Bells
  10. Acidliner – Home
  11. Four Tet – Pockets (Minimal Version)
  12. Hoofus & IX Tab – The Ploughs & The Machines
  13. Preston Field Audio – Café Daydream
  14. The Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival
  15. Kamasi Washington – Final Thought
  16. Swans – Finally, Peace
  17. Steve Gunn – Park Bench Smile
  18. St James Infirmary – All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
  19. Peter J Smyth – It’s Gone
  20. Brian Eno – Fickle Sun (III): I’m Set Free
  21. Preston Field Audio – Brass
  22. Cluster & Eno – Base Apex
  23. Sly & The Family Drone – Your Mum’s A Provincial Rock Club
  24. Woven Skull – The Forest Of Everything II

Space Rock with Radar Men From The Moon


Naming themselves after a 50’s US Sci-Fi TV series does make you think there’s going to be a lot of Shadowy Men Or Astroman? about their sound but these guys aim more for your actual space rock. Being as they’re Dutch I guess you could say kosmiche. This latest effort ‘Subversive II: Splendor Of The Wicked’ came out a couple of weeks ago. While they don’t really sound like any of those great 70’s German bands particularly they avoid the blues rock chug and prog noodling that can so often blight UK psych efforts. ‘You Filled the House With Merciless Sand’ is a wonderful title and fades in on an ominous drone before building up and up in familiar fashion, there’s a touch of that 50’s twangy guitar about it too. As open and expansive as they get there’s always a sense of everything being measured and orderly –  it never just hangs about waiting for something to happen. Imagine Fuck Buttons were a garage psych band. Things get more and more rhythmic and frantic from one track to the next until closer ‘Translucent Concrete’ which has a rhythm track worthy of something on perc trax and wouldn’t be too far out of place, if a bit upbeat, on the new JK Flesh record. Ideal for playing loud and dancing about like a fool, it’s also pay what you like on bandcamp so, you know, austerity smashing bargain too