Time to get ILL

itssssssss – finally out today pop kids. the sound of your summer. ILL’s long awaited debut ‘We are ILL’. A raging tune packed feminist post punk party. Ideal counter eurovision headcleaner. feral goth beast in DIY multicoloured carnival attire. Sing-a-long delights for young and old alike. 9 songs in a full range of flavours. All killer, no filler – which might explain why there’s only 9 tunes (Seriously though, what is it with the nine songs thing? Everyone’s at it, it seems to be a new standard – we’ve abandoned the scourge of CD bloat – “we can put 70mins on there so let’s chuck everything on and drag anything we fancy out for too long” and settled on 9 tracks? By rights an album needs ten songs, 5 a side. Come on people, you’re making me feel unbalanced, Nurse!!) My neuroses aside, get in on this because it’s great. Or ‘well sick’ as the young people probably don’t say anymore.


Desired Place

Four lovely but sombre pieces of subtle piano and mysterious atmospheric sounds. Nice artwork too.

I’ve sat on this album for a few years now. Half feeling it was unfinished and needed work and the other half just not feeling ready to release such a personal work. I am proud of this album and would like it to share it with others.

Desired Place was created using electric piano, loops and effects after an attempted suicide in 2014. It focuses on a dark period of my life; yet allows for a feeling of calm, hope and optimism.
Minimal tone clusters were chosen and expanded for four individual parts that were looped and mixed live. Creating simple, repetitive and focused sound works was a welcome distraction from destructive and spiralling thought patterns at the time.

Desired Place was both a negative and positive space I wanted to be in during this period. The album is part of a continuing process of creating sound as therapy and a distraction for coping with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.


Henry Blacker – CAG MAG

First tune from forthcoming third album by West Country power trio Henry Blacker. As they so beautifully put it –

“Inspiration comes from all the desert rock bands and angular punk rock bands that always get listed on these things, you can imagine. Bands that list bands on these things that they want you to think they sound like are ridiculous.”