Beware Thee Curse Of…The Monkey’s Claw

A second mix is now here to establish a kind of balance and to help set out our stall at hickeysonic. A virtual stall in the familiar manner of a couple of ramshackle paste tables covered in obscurantist and unhealthy looking arcana and apparently staffed by two surly looking chaps in hoods, one of whom scarcely ever looks up from his ‘phone. The picture is painted,  we’re nice boys when you get to know us mind you, we don’t litter, we recycle and one of us loves his Mum.

We begin this second adventure watching B-movies in Elvis’ TV Room in the company of a mad Finnish gent before the evil monkey curse takes a hold and drags us out into darker waters. Everything else on Mika Vainio’s recent ‘Magnetite’ record is called magneto-something or other, none of which conjured the same kind of vivid mental imagery. It’s incongruity rather charmed me as well I must admit. The record as a whole is rather good by the way, and as for what’s in a name, well I’ll come to that at the other end of the mix. I’d actually describe quite a good sized chunk of this mix as techno. Which might perhaps be a little unhelpful. It’s certainly not what you’d call “bangin'”. More like clanking and scraping. You may find that you yourself tap a toe here and there but you won’t be podium dancing while waving your shirt around your head. Fortunately for all concerned.

As for the other tunes included I’ll admit I only made the connection between the Ben Frost track and Bill Murray’s character in Ghostbusters while watching it again over hallowe’en but the realisation gave me quite a good chuckle to myself, and so it had to go in. Elsewhere the Andy Stott and Mogwai tracks are pretty much hot off the press and both excellent. About half of this mix is new music from this very year, including the last track labouring under the unpromising title of ‘Tony’. I’ll grant you that on paper ‘Tony’ by KTL looks like the kind of thing that’d be a rather garish dancefloor smash at Club Tropicana, a soundtrack to unseemly dancing by sunburned holiday makers in a state of sticky alco-pop fuelled distress. Happily, this is again far from the actual case. KTL, if you’ve yet to come across them, are Peter Rehberg and Stephen O))) Malley of Sunn O))) (more of whom in a day or two I expect) and ‘Tony’ is a rather glorious drone piece from their recent fifth album ‘V’ (again displaying their way with a title). Click on the title here to download (105mb zip with tracklist and cover) or listen over at the mixcloud.

* Thee Curse Of….The Monkey’s Claw

intro… (Elvis’ TV Room -> Mika Vainio/
Main Title from Forbidden Planet -> Louis & Bebe Barron/
Dark Crawler intro – >Terror Danjah)
Dogmatic -> JK Flesh
Immense Sluice Of Effluence -> Genus Inkasso
Terror/Danger – >Ekoplekz
Boat Depardieu -> Svarte Greiner
Expecting -> Andy Stott
Ishmael’s Intent -> Demdike Stare
Nightforce Scopes -> Vatican Shadow
Peter Venkman Pt. 1 -> Ben Frost
Dream Of The Nightmare -> Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker
Rano Pano (Tim Hecker Remix) -> Mogwai
The Letter -> Oneohtrixpointnever
Red Sky -> Hecq
Sea Of Bones -> Richard Knox & Frédéric D. Oberland
Close Forever Watching -> Deaf Center
Tony -> KTL


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