Justin the teenager

While I greatly enjoyed Mr Broadrick’s set as JK Flesh at this year’s supersonic festival, this offering from one of his many aliases had until recently slipped by me I must admit. Ironic you might say, as back then, my ribcage rattling to the crushing bass, I couldn’t help noticing how he appeared, alone on stage with just a laptop and his hoodie pulled up right over his head, as if there was a little something of the petulant teenager about him. This, however,  is the music he’s made in memory of the estate where he grew up. Council Estate Electronics is Justin with Diarmuid Dalton (who has, on occasion been part of Final) and does very much what the name suggests. That being lengthy council estate and early industrial music inspired pieces of dystopian soundtracking. mmmm. The two of them are also half of a new project greymachine which seems to be on an altogether more structured industrial rock type of tip – you can download an agreeably noisy track ‘Vultures Descend’ if you go here – on the basis of which I’d say the vultures appear to have descended in order to dig up the road for some essential works.



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