Away In The Darkness, A Woman Laughs (hickeysonic #3)

There’s a kind of dugga dugga chug a lug to a lot of this. And some filthy bass. Some fresh sounds, some not so fresh. And a Dr Feelgood cover.

The Shit & Shine track takes grim determination but things soon get pretty.

Hard to write about this stuff.

Just give it a listen and put the word out.

stream / download

01. Planetary Assault Systems – Bell Blocker (Silent Servant Mix)

02. Pye Corner Audio – The Black Mill Video Tape

03. Tunnidge – Brixton Bass

04. Urinals – Ack! Ack! Ack!

04. Chris & Cosey – Parallelodrill

05. Wire – The Drill

06. My Disco – Turn

07. Silver Apples – Ruby

08. Boom Bip – Closed Shoulders

09. Shit & Shine – Rodeo Girls

10. Anaal Nathrakh – Man At C&A

11. Raime – Passed Over Trail

12. Hickeysonic Vs Nurse With Wound – A Spiral Morton

13. Wasteland – Machinfest

14. Autechre – Basscadet

15. The Books – Smells Like Content

16. Horse Loom – Lie Here

17. The Stranger – Exposure


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