Happy Neu Years


Indeed. Prince Reelfoot and myself would like to offer our somewhat belated best wishes to you all for the coming year. As is our wont we shall do so in the form of a tune from shape-shifting Japanese noise-monkeys Boris. This sprightly toe-tapper comes from a split with Asobi Seksu, each covering the other’s tunes, that came out last year ahead of their tour. I was rather annoyed to have missed that I must confess but seasonal obligations of one kind and another ruled it out regretfully.

The Hickeysonic camp was thrown into a considerable welter of confusion across the winterval season I have to confess to you. Unsure about celebrating midwinter or steeling ourselves for the potential apocalypse we rather lost our heads it would seem. Not least to the limited extent of writing anything here. Poor show. Nonetheless, a long and emotional month of tinsel, over eating and strong spirits on, we’re back and ready for 2013. Onwards, upwards, outwards and sidewards or some such, as I believe that Ryder chappie used to say, never could be sure, terrible diction. For there is news also. Banishing the kind of  longeurs seen this past month it is to be a year of action! Hickeysonic is shortly to begin a regular and rigourous schedule of providing aural entertainment, diversion and enlightenment through the conduit of an online radio hour. The good people of basic.fm are providing the much needed structure required in order to facilitate this marvel. To be called Panic & Carousels and appearing in the form of a new show fortnightly with regular repeats. Keenly aware of our dual dedication to the noble pursuit of various forms of idleness we have begun a rigourous new year regime in order to hone our minds and discipline ourselves to the unaccustomed pace and unfamiliar demands of a deadline. Forgoing physical exercise, taking up pipe smoking and eating only food vended from machines we should soon be at the peak of our powers and the white hot light of wisdom shall pour from our very eyes.  At least, this is what the literature claims.

So, the starting pistol has been fired has it not? The first chapter of this thrilling adventure, helmed by the good Prince, is due to appear Tue 15th at 14:00 GMT prompt with a repeat following upon the Friday, 20:00, subsequently repeating in those slots with a new show every two weeks. Good gracious, what bounty! You should reasonably expect more of the same sort of thing heard on the three mixes currently available here, with possibly an even wider net cast into the dark and foaming sea of sound. We shall be archiving the shows and maybe offering a little more information on what’s contained within them here.

In the meantime pop by basic.fm and have a little look and listen around the place, all manner of delights already await you there, not least Robert Henke’s layering Buddha project.

We shall be seeing you.



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