It’s tomorrow people!

I refer to our maiden broadcast on basic fm naturally, as Panic & Carousels hits the web tomorrow at 14:00 and, I think it’s fair to say, there’s much excitement here in the Hickeysonic camp. That’s just over 24 hours away people!

Nonetheless, easily distracted as we are it seemed a fine opportunity to put up this splendid old title sequence from seminally shoddy sci-fi TV series ‘The Tomorrow People’. Quite the Proustian rush I think you’ll agree. How to even gauge the impact it made upon our soft, impressionable young minds? Not least the otherworldly soundtracking provided by the Radiophonic Workshop types under various pseudonyms. You can read some more about it from that fine chap Mr. Jonny Trunk, and perhaps even buy one of his handsome reissues of the music, if you go over here.  It’s marvellous stuff, in fact perhaps I should sort some out for episode two.

by pipergatesdesign

by pipergatesdesign


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