music tonight

Mysterious Scandinavian siblings The Knife are back this year. You may have heard. Their forthcoming tour for Shaking The Habitual sold out in seemingly minutes, added dates in added minutes the following day. So it would seem it’s not just me whose excited about this news. Listening again to Silent Shout this morning for the first time in a while and you have to say it’s still a truly marvellous thing, a unique sound world all their own. Draining away the bright twisted dance-pop leanings of their previous effort Deep Cuts, Silent Shout is cold, dark and eerily beautiful. This clip is from the live show in the 3-disc version, one of my favourites off it, it’s almost like the whole record in miniature. It would be hard to overstate the influence Silent Shout has had in the seven years since. While a polar opposite approach to mixing pop and club music, in the nefarious guise of Monsieur Guetta and his acolytes, has become a near universal blight, The Knife’s iciness, the pitch-shifted vocals and the way it twists dance music into something other has become a parallel set of underground tropes. We could certainly blame them for Witch house, Karin’s subsequent Fever Ray stuff even more so, although, there are worse things to be accused of. Going back to it now it’s clear how few have come close to achieving the kind of singular statement Silent Shout represents. As for the forthcoming Shaking The Habitual, it’s unlikely to be more of the same and yet, despite the lurid pink and green colour scheme they’re now adopting, I somehow doubt it’s all going to be happy fluffy trance-bunnies a go-go.


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