Nominative Indeterminism

In case you found yourself thinking that Panic & Carousels was a dreadful name for a radio show, here are a few of the ideas that were rejected. There were, I’m afraid, many more.

Alien Soundtracks

Avant Gardeners Question Time

Cagney & Lacey Go Large

Cash In The Static

Catalogue Bubblebath

Disco hospital

Drivetime Favourites With Hickeysonic

ElectrIc Funeral

Foxbase Arsehole

French Disko

Funfair For The Common Man

Golf Sale

Great Western Movie Themes

Half Chips, Half Rice

Hexham Induction Hour

I’ve Never Seen ‘I’ve Never Seen Star Wars’

Lo Boob Oscillator

Looking Up The Skirts Of Eternity With Hickeysonic

Music to play in the dark

Off The Beaten Track

Paranoia in HiFi

Pirates Vs Aliens


Radio Om

Radio On

Raining Gollums

Rock’N’Roll Station

Semi Conductor Archives

The Hickeysonic Adventure Hour

The Hickeysonic Radio Hour

Thunder On The Tundra

Tone Burst

Tunes From The Missing Channel

Waveform Transmissions


I still think Catalogue Bubblebath had potential


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