You Have Been Listening To…

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The first broadcast for episode 2 of Panic & Carousels is just winding down on, so here’s a list of the delights to be found therein. Should you find you’ve missed it, the good people of will repeat it this friday at 20:00 and in the same slots next week. We shall also get it up in the mixcloud, so you can listen at your leisure and hopefully available for download within the few days.

Episode 2: January 29th 2013

Photon – Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory  (Elements Of Light, Rough Trade, 2013)
Silver Forest – Organisation (Tone Float, RCA Victor, 1970)
Atem –  Kraftwerk (Kraftwerk 2, 1972)
Icicles (full version) – Aidan Baker (Isolated Landscapes: A Singles Collection, Broken Spine, 2012)
This Messiah Needs Watching – Mogwai (Les Revenants, Rock Action, 2013)
The Water Bed – Umberto (The Night Has A Thousand Screams, Rock Action, 2012)
Mad Girl’s Love Song – Maria Minerva (Will Happiness Find Me, Not Not Fun,2012)
#GRINDLYFE  –  BEBETUNE$ (inhale C-4 $$$$$, self released, 2011 )
Galice – Hype Williams (London 2012 mix/tour CD, 2012 )
King Magpie Returns – Moon Wiring Club (Today Bread, Tomorrrow Secrets, Gecophonic, 2012)
Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders – Pinch (Missing In Action, Tectonic, 2012
Pink Drinq – Bee Mask (When We Were Eating Unripe Pears, Spectrum Spools, 2012)
Vaccination – Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin (Instrumental Tourist, Software, 2012)
Aries – Vessel (Order Of Noise, Tri-Angle, 2012)
Presentation Two – Gunter Schlienz (Tape Studies, SicSic, 2012)
Tanz Musik – Kraftwerk (Ralf & Florian, Philips/Vertigo ,1973)


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