Good afternoon. Perhaps you’ve just finished listening to our Panic & Carousels show on and wandered over here. Perhaps you very much enjoyed the track ‘The Water Bed’ from Umberto’s last album ‘The Night Has A Thousand Screams’? If so, I’d say you’re in luck as today sees the release of his newest one ‘Confrontations’ on Not Not Fun and you can listen to the whole thing right here. Only had a chance to listen to it the once so far but on first impression it’s just as good as his previous efforts if not better.

Or perhaps you were just passing. Not to worry, stop by for a listen anyway as Umberto specialises in some wonderful synth-driven horror soundtrack style instrumentals and he’s really very, very good at it indeed…

Should you find yourself dismayed at having missed Episode 2 of Panic & Carousels fear not. For it repeats again this coming Friday at 8pm and is also archived for your convenience on mixcloud.

Our third thrilling installment, helmed by Prince Reelfoot and already set to go will appear in a weeks time upon Shrove Tuesday. I must say he appears to have overlooked my entreaties to theme the show around pancakes. His mind on higher things no doubt.


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