Surgical procedure

Well now, the observant amongst you will have noticed some building excitement around here ahead of Friday night’s 20th birthday madness for legendary Birmingham Techno night House Of God. Here’s a bundle of links to matters regarding their most celebrated choir boy Surgeon. First up, he’s  in the boiler room – a great listen more than it is essential viewing to be fair with you but a great listen none the less. Elsewhere he reminisces about the past 20 years of House of God, his music, record labels and so on in a fireside chat you can listen to along with some of his music on rmba radio and also in similar vein but in words you can read using your eyes over at Resident Advisor.

His own website seems to have gone quiet the past couple of years since ‘Breaking The Frame’ but his blog Back In The Grinder provides a regular stream of photos and mixes, plenty of which are up on soundcloud too, you’d really be a fool to yourself not to check out a couple of them…


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