Thee Monkey’s Claw In The House Of God


Episode 4 of the continuing Panic & Carousels story has just about come to a close on and so we come to that point in the day when we helpfully provide a tracklist of the treasures contained therein and mention the repeats next Tues at the same time and the next two Fridays @ 7pm. Again, It should be on Mixcloud later today and we’ll try and sort some downloads for the shows as well soon. Meanwhile…

Episode 4 – Thee Monkey’s Claw in The House Of God

Living Lens – Mountains  (Centralia, Thrill Jockey, 2013)
In Search Of A Lost Faculty – Matmos   (The Marriage Of True Minds, Thrill Jockey, 2013)
A Correction – Fieldhead  (A Correction, Gizeh records, 2012)
Unannounced – Azure Ray (As Above So Below, Affairs Of The Heart, 2012)
Sleepless – Andy Stott  (Luxury Problems, Modern Love, 2012)
Roses for The Dead (Dro Carey Remix) – Halls (Free download, No Pain In  Pop, 2012)
Jupiters (Happa Remix) – Four Tet (12″, TEXT records, 2012)
Banana Skank (Part 2) – Roots Manuva (Banana Skank EP, Big Dada, 2013)
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage – Blawan (His He She & She, Hinge Finger, 2012)
Half Nelson – Trade (Works The Long Nights, 2013)
Else (radio edit) – Ancient Methods ( Third Method, Ancient Methods, 2009)
Clean It Up – Karenn ( Untitled, Works The Long Nights, 2012)
Magneze – Surgeon ( Downwards, 1995)
Death Head Said – Regis   (Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference, Downwards, 1998 )
Don’t Give Way To Fear part 2 – British Murder Boys (Don’t Give Way To Fear, Counterbalance, 2003)
Operation Neptune Spear Pt.1 – Vatican Shadow (Operation Neptune Spear,Hospital Productions,2012)
In Another Way – My Bloody Valentine (MBV, 2013)
Temptation & Desire – Silent Servant (Negative Fascination, Hospital Productions,2012)
White/Drip – Rrose (Artificial Light (1969 – 1909), Sandwell District, 2011)

Foreign Object – Monolake (Ghosts, Imbalance, 2012)
In Another Country – BMB (Where Pail Limbs Lie, Liberation Technologies, 2012)
RADIANCE – Surgeon (Breaking The Frame, Dynamic Tension, 2011)
Black Peace – Byetone (SyMeta, Raster-Noton, 2011)
Cubs! Do Your Best! – Sandra Electronics (Lino 7″ )
She Belongs To Eternity – Ugandan Methods (Sixth Method, Ancient Methods, 2012)
Untitled B – Sandwell District (Feed Forward, Sandwell District, 2011)


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