Sir Real

So, you might already have been made aware by now that you can stream Surgeon’s new album – being released under his own name Anthony Child over at Resident Advisor. If you don’t, click the pic above and go check it out – it’s two tracks of drone-y music concrete type stuff rather than the usual load of pounding techno and it’s excellent.

Meanwhile fellow HOG founder Sir Real recently made an ambient piano album. I know. I’m afraid the urge to blurt ‘lick my love pump’ is strong but do try to contain yourselves. It’s here for your consideration and rather meditative it is too, I suspect, I must admit I rather wandered off, but then that’s the point. I think. Nice with a pipe and a pot of Darjeeling.

If more of the bangy-clanky type thing is what your after then, well, he has his own online radio affair the  Mouth of God which has been going for Lord knows how long, rather showing us up as late arrivals to the party I must concede. Fashionably late, you understand. We had to stop off at our tailors for a small alteration… anyway it recently featured this…

Sir Real HOG 20th special on mixcloud

until next time, take it steady there comrades.



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