Don’t panic, normal service will be resumed.

MBV Isn't Anything

Well now, the keen eyed, or eared, or anal, or whatever amongst you will perhaps have noted with irritation that the recent episode of Panic & Carousels has not enjoyed the usual repeats over at We understand the importance of structure and order to some of you and the distress this may have caused. Do not fear dear friends, we have not vanished in a crisis of creative identity, far from it. This is simply because they have all manner of other exciting things on offer as part of their month long reuse/aloud thing. The last show, which would have been repeated at 7pm tonight has joined all the other previous ones at our mixcloud so you can listen to it there if you were looking forward to it with a little brandy and cigars. Meanwhile Prince Reelfoot has been toiling away heroically down at the big warehouse where all the internets is kept. It seems he has, among the filth and dross, discovered  a variety of old parts we can repurpose to our own ends and thanks to his tireless exertions we hope soon to be able to offer downloads for the archived shows. Should you be looking for such a thing.

Meanwhile, he’s also sorting out something for basic’s Bowie day on Monday and a new Panic & Carousels should appear in the customary slot at 2pm next Tuesday. Isn’t he just a busy lil’ badger? Makes me giddy just to contemplate it if I’m honest. As to the somewhat incongrous image at the top, well, I’m off to see My Bloody Valentine tonight and hoping the wonderful wave of sound can clear my painfully blocked sinuses. Here’s a really good quality clip of them in the earlier days of their reappearance out of the woods…


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