double diamond

2013 sampler

Sticking with the bucolic today, in the earlier, less busy sections of the last Panic & Carousels was a number entitled ‘A Correction by’ fieldhead. It can be found on the on 2013 sampler from the most incongrously named label Gizeh (it really is pronounced like Geezer, and yet the label is largely concerned with delicate drones, ambience and field recording type stuff). It joins a variety of other tunes, kicking off with the wonderful Aidan Baker, which you can listen to and download for free should you wish. If you click on the cover image above it should take you through to their own site where all manner of other intriguing things, free music and a curious sideline in tote bags awaits your perusal. Check out the last track too from the wonderful ‘Rustle of The Stars’ record

Elsewhere, Mr. Baker has been engaged by the shallow, irritating hipster types of Vice magazine to provide a defence of sadness and a brief guide to slowcore for their readers. A kindly and improving gesture, it’s a fine list and worthy of your attentions also.


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