walking through walls

REMOTE_Stanford I’m sure you all greatly enjoyed Matmos’ truly marvellous reworking of the Buzzcock’s ‘E.S.P.’ as part of yesterday’s  Panic & Carousels, of course you did. Mad not too, let’s be honest. It’s a wonderful record. Just when you were thinking to yourself that using experiments in E.S.P. was a peculiar way to make a record, along comes another one. This time concerning 70’s experiments in remote viewing conducted at Stamford. Although I think we’re looking more at subject matter than actual method in this instance. What we’ve got here is a new guise for Mr. Alessio Natalizia, or one half of intriguing duo Walls, in the form of Not Waving. This is the first of two free to download EP’s ahead of an album proper on their newly formed label Ecstatic. It’s a lot less warm and welcoming than Walls, more abstract. None of which is meant to be critical I might say.



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