The End Of Radio

Last night, Hickeysonic – represented by an only slightly drunk Prince Reelfoot – took part in the Reuse Aloud 24 Hour Broadcast on Basic FM. It was fun, nobody got hurt and nobody wandered in from the street to ask for The Jacksons (at least, not in our set).

Anyway, here’s what happened


download the mix here

stream it from Mixcloud here

01. Percy Faith Orchestra – Theme From ‘A Summer Place’ (single, Columbia, 1959)

02. Liquid Metal Dreaming – The Alchemists Of East Moors (What Is Music, Nusicnow, 2008)

03. DJ Scud – No Love (Roots Rock Ravers EP, Transparent, 2001)

04. The Bug – Super Version (Aktion Pak, Rephlex, 2004)

05. Powell – Rider (Untitled EP, The Death of Rave, 2013)

06. Karl Bartos – Atomium (single, Bureau B, 2013)

07. The Soft Pink Truth – Do They Owe Us A Living? (Do You Want New Wave, Tigerbeat, 2004)

08. Inga Copeland – Speak (Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going, World Music, 2013)

09. Haxan Cloak – Burning Torches Of Despair (Haxan Cloak, Aurora Borealis, 2011)

10. Coil – Driftmix (The Snow EP, Wax Trax, 1991)

11. Sabres Of Paradise – The Haunted Dancehall (Performed by In The Nursery) (Versus, Warp, 1995)

12. Rhys Chatham, Jonathan Kane, DJ Elated System – Rotate (Septile, Ntone, 1998)

13. Balam Acab – Big Boy (See Birds, TriAngle, 2010)

14. Mark Stewart – Jerusalem (single, On-U Sound, 1982)

15. PiL – Poptones (Metal Box, Virgin, 1979)



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