Let Me See Them Claws!!!!

So. The sixth episode of our continuing drama Panic & Carousels has just wound to the conclusion of its first repeat on basic.fm (back again Friday night at 19:00) and here’s a few follow up treats for you to investigate at your leisure. That dreamy, droney penultimate track is from Ben Woods, and you can stream his whole album here and/or buy it on a fashionable and austerity friendly ‘name your price’ arrangement.

also new up on the bandcamp on a ‘name your price’ deal is this EP of bonus tracks previously only available on fashionable and nostalgia friendly cassette editions from the head technician at Pye Corner Audio, who also featured earlier on in proceedings..


elsewhere, Barn Owl have just released a super 8 video for Void Redux off their new record ‘V’

It’s pretty nice although it seems a little superfluous. As previously mentioned this episode has a final repeat on basic.fm friday and you can also stream it on mixcloud here or download the whole lot in the manner of a ‘podcast’ here


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