Shiny New Knife


“let’s talk about gender baby, let’s talk about you and me”

So, we might as well start here, in the Scandinavian countries… This post has been sitting there since this ‘Full Of Fire’ video first hit the internet. I couldn’t think what to write about it. I wasn’t sure what to think about it. Arresting as it is, I think I was concerned the music wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Turns out not to be the best way to listen to a new piece of music – I was distracted by the visual element of it. ‘A Tooth For An Eye’ was slightly more digestible. Anyway, then I couldn’t get the soundcloud player on their site to embed here either (you can click on the pretty pink pic below to go there and listen to the album). Happily, after a couple of listens it was clear that the record is great. So go on over and have a listen to it. They’ve given a few amusing interviews about it and there are reviews aplenty in all the normal places. I don’t really have the heart to add to them, they seem to divide over the central track ‘Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realised’ a 20 min long dronescape, I’m in the ‘it’s brilliant’ camp, it’s clearly the heart of the record. The track that follows it ‘Raging Lung’ is the one popping up on episode 8 of ‘Panic & Carousels’ and reminds more than most of Fever Ray. Still, after all the hype and having lived with it awhile what’s most striking about it is not how different it is but how much it’s just like The Knife only more so…



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