It’s A Small World – Panic & Carousels 8


Episode 8 goes out again this evening at 7pm on come take a joy ride upriver in the widescreen technicolor dream boat with MrDisneyMrBurroughs as our distracted guide. It’s a little like that one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only nobody gets hurt or left behind y’unnerstand? Never get out of the boat. Those of you unfortunately unable to make it can stream the audio version over at our mixcloud facility or download the whole enchilada by clicking on the title there, below which we find a little list of some of the contents…

Episode 8 ‘It’s A Small World’

Goodbye Great Britain – A Hawk And A Hacksaw
(Darkness At Noon, Leaf, 2005)
Oh Lord, St. George, Bewitch Ivan, Make Him Mine – A Hawk And A Hacksaw
(You Have Already Gone To The Other World, LM Dupli-Cation, 2013)
Raging Lung – The Knife
(Shaking The Habitual, Rabid, 2013)
Prophecy Of The White Camel/ Namouterre – Master Musicians Of Bukkake
(Totem III, Important, 2011)
Joujouka – Master Musicians Of Jajouka (recorded by WSBurroughs)
(Break Through In Grey Room, Sub Rosa, 1986)
Scandal At The Jungle Hiltons – William S. Burroughs
(Dead City Radio, Island, 1990)
Ethnological Forgery Series No. 10 – Can
(Unlimited Edition, United Artists, 1976)
Paradiso – Konono No.1
(Congotronics, Crammed Discs, 2004)
Esoterica Of Abyssynia – Sun City Girls
(Eye Mohini, Abduction, 2013)
Transistor Radio – George Coleman
(Bongo Joe, Arhoolie, 1969)
Black Mamba – Cut Hands
(Black Mamba, Susan Lawly, 2012)
Ghede Nimbo – Unknown Haitian Ceremony Participants (recorded by Maya Deren)
(Voices Of Haiti, Elektra, 1953)
Annonce On Zange Nan Dlo – Voodoo Drums
(Voodoo Drums In Hi-Fi, Atlantic, 1958)
Urban Gamelan (Pt.1) – 23 Skidoo
(Urban Gamelan, Illiuminated/Ronin 1984)
The Track I’ve Been Playing That… – Four Tet
(12″, TEXT,2013)
Over The Sky – African Head Charge
(Off The Beaten Track, On-U Sound, 1986)
Dig – T++
(Wireless, Honest Jon’s, 2010)
Mental Radio – Matmos
(The True Marriage Of Minds, Thrill Jockey, 2013)
The Wrong Name And The Wrong Number – Mark Stewart And The Mafia
(Myths & Instruction, Sub Rosa, 1984)
Quiet Village – Martin Denny
(Quiet Village, Liberty, 1959)
Ritual Of The Human Sacrifice – Elizabeth Waldo
(Rites of the Pagan: Mystic Realm of the Ancient Americas,1960)
Death Is Not Final – Shackleton
(Soundboy’s Grave Gets Desecrated By Vandals, Skull Disco, 2008)
The End Of Words – Material
(Seven Souls, Virgin, 1989)
IIII – Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
(Roadburn, Roadburn records, 2013)



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