Panic & Carousels #9: West Kennet Death Trip

You might recall that a few Panic & Carousels episodes back, Thee Monkey’s Claw indulged his inner technohead with a mix almost entirely made up of drugs, dirty dancing and pounding techno music. Well, now it’s my go and I’m indulging my inner acid head. Two hours in thrall to the riff. Doom, acid rock, sludge, psych rock. Anything that makes you feel  like you’re in a tent going at light speed across a field as the raindrops form fractals before your eyes and you can’t get the lid off the vodka bottle. Ahem…

Riffs. Yeah! Can You Dig It?


You can download West Kennet Death Trip here

You can stream West Kennet Death Trip from Mixcloud here

01. Virginia Astley – Morning: A Summer Long Since Passed (From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, Happy Valley / Rough Trade, 1983)

02. UFOMammut – Sublime (Oro: Alter, Neurot, 2012)

03. Loop – Afterglow (A Gilded Eternity, Situation II, 1990)

04. Mothertrucker – Truckasaurus Rex (The Last Ride Of Dr Sanchez, Bandcamp, 2004)

05. Hey Colossus – How To Tell The Time With Jesus (Cuckoo Live Life Like  Cuckoo, MIE, 2013)

06. The Skull Defekts – No More Always (Peer Amid, Thrill Jockey, 2011)

07. Psychic Ills – Witchcraft Breaker (Hans Joachim Irmler Remix) (Frkwys Vol 4, Rvng Intl, 2010)

08. Gonga – Wytch Hande (II: Transmigration, Invada, 2008)

09. White Hills – Upon Arrival (H-p 1, Thrill Jockey, 2011)

10. Cyclobe – Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window (Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window, Phantom Code, 2010)

11. Spacemen 3 – Let Me Down Gently (Playing With Fire, Fire, 1988)

12. Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan (Paranoid, Warner Brothers, 1970)

13. 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut (single, Wax Trax, 1990)

14. Electric Wizard – We Hate You (Dopethrone, Rise Above, 2000)

15. The God Machine – Home (Scenes From The Second Storey, Fiction, 1993)

16. Clinic – See Saw II (Free Reign II, Domino, 2013)

17. Moon Duo – Motorcycle I Love You (Escape, Woodsist, 2010)

18. Barn Owl – The Darkest Night Since 1683 (Lost In The Glare, Thrill Jockey, 2o11)

19. Boris – Flood III (Flood, Midi Creative, 2000)


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