Thee Monkey’s Claw & The Broken Hearted Dragonflies


So, there we are then. Winds down to a pretty calming end, here’s all the information on what was in the show, we’d invite you all to go and purchase your favourites

Episode 10 – Thee Monkey’s Claw & the Broken Hearted Dragonflies

Konono Ripoff No 1 – Dan Deacon
(7″ on Domino, 2013)
Flames – Evil Blizzard
(from their soon-come debut album )
Kinder Of Spine – The Fall
(Re-Mit, Cherry Red, 2013)
Chattering Lead – Wolf Eyes
(No Answer:Lower Floors, De Stijl, 2013)
Stereo Systems – Levon Vincent
(12″, Novel Sound, 2012)
Zoetrope – Boards Of Canada
(In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country, Warp, 2000)
Zero Tolerance – Tobias
(Leaning Over Backwards, Ostgut Ton, 2011)
Marzipan – Cluster
(Zuckerzeit, Brain, 1974)
Silver Cloud – La Dusseldorf
(La Dusseldorf, Decca, 1976)
Beautiful Dub – Peaking Lights
(Lucifer In Dub, Weird World, 2012)
10101 – James Holden
(The Idiots Are Winning, Border Community, 2006)
In Search Of Stamen – King Britt
(The Bee And The Stamen, Data Garden, 2012)
Philip Jeck Plays Charles Matthews – Philip Jeck
(Amoroso 7″, Touch, 2007)
Sunrise Of the Planetary Dream Collector – Don Cherry & Terry Riley
(Live in Koln 1975)
Elementz Of Houz Music (Actress Mix 2) – Legowelt
(12″, Clone Jack For Daze series, 2013)
Bleep Four – The Black Dog
(The Return Ov Bleep, Dust Science recordings, 2013)
Ezerb Altren (original mix) – Kangding Ray
(Tempered Inmid, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2013)
Black Umbrella – Motion Sickness Of Time Travel
(Oust, SicSic, 2013)
II – Main (Ablation, Editions Mego , 2013)
Morning Fanfare – Tucker Martine
(Broken Hearted Dragonflies: insect electronica from south east asia, Sublime Frequencies, 2004)


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