Donkey Downloads

donkeyhead  So it seems only fair to warn you that Prince Reelfoot has gone even further upriver this past weekend than Thee Monkey’s Claw had gone deep into the woods and has been communing with the fire jugglers and yoghurt weavers. What horrors he has experienced and how they may have played upon his fragile psyche is as yet unclear. Friday’s new episode may yet prove to be a splenetic, rage-fuelled misanthropy sandwich or a happy go-lucky, turn towards the light, selection of cream buns. As I say, it is, thus far, unclear.

But to the matter at hand, Episode 12 has played it’s part upon and can now be streamed or downloaded by all interested parties. It finds Thee Monkey’s Claw gamely entering into the spirit of ancient summer festivities and superstition, rolling about happily in the fields of England and smearing it’s red earth upon his manically grinning face. He starts out by first enjoying a little fireside story telling and folk singing with dear old man Gira before casually drinking his own body weight in cider at an outdoor rock’n’roll show and then, somewhat emotional, passing out in the woods. He awakes with a donkey’s head and wanders deeper into the trees where he encounters some very strange people and bears witness to some most peculiar goings on indeed…
Included here are new tunes from Zomby, Holden, Pale Sketcher, Dean Blunt, Ghostface Killah, Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Nails and more mixed in with a bunch of older goodness and a special guest slot from his new time management guru Flava Flav who failed to show up for his Glastonbury gig as he was lost in the dark forest of Mr Monkey Claws fevered dreams…

As a concession to the slightly schizophrenic quality of this episode and the many, frankly offensive, demands from some listeners in recent days we’re also making it available in two hour-ish long parts this time for your listening convenience.

Side A     Side B    Burrito Deluxe  Mixcloud

SIDE A – Nails – Abandon All Life/Michael Gira – Whiskey Johnny/Boris – Neu Years/Bo Ningen – Yurayura Kaeru/Chelsea Wolfe – Demons/Siouxsie & The Banshees – Monitor/Russian Circles – Maiko/Master Musicians Of Bukkake – White Mountain Return/Holden – The Caterpillar’s Intervention/Old Apparatus – Dourado/Mogwai – What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?/Dean Blunt – Walls Of Jericho/Venetian Snares – Szamar Madar/Pale Sketcher – Warm Sunday
SIDE B Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – An Unexpected Call (The Set Up)(instr)/DMX Krew – Sound Of The DMX/Pirate Sound System – Trip II London/DJ Donna Summer – Chicken Noodle Rave/Duran Duran Duran – Furious George/Sickboy – Darkwing Droog/Substance B – Dora Au College Fou Fou Fou/Vex’d – Lion V.I.P./Bong Ra – Crawlers/Ladyscraper – Badgers/Ruby My Dear – Uken/Exilis – Brand New Second Hand/Knifehandchop – Outside/Zomby – Overdose/Enduser – The End Of A Beginning (Sublight Version)

midsummer-nights-dream-9 copy


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