Standing On A Beach


Well, as is now customary, and doubtless a firm fixture in your weekend routines, tomorrow night sees a new episode of Panic & Carousels set forth on at 7pm. Helmed once again by Thee Monkey’s Claw who we’ll find in more subdued mood this time out. Having foolhardily used up two shows worth of beats in last month’s teeth-rattling-breakcore-stupid second hour this new episode is a more relaxed and genteel affair all round. Ideal for a cocktail in the descending cool of evening, or staring out to sea musing upon the absurd.

With new music from Cristian Vogel, Lustmord, The Black Dog, Richard Skelton, Juliana Barwick, Mika Vainio, Lee Noble and others and some older treats too. You’d be foolish to miss it, get the ice creams sorted and tune in.



Dogger, Viking, Moray, Forth, and Orkney


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