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There you are then and here we go, all the tunes involved and all the details and so on and even some links for you to chase up. It repeats next Friday, again on, and sometime after that we’ll put it on Mixcloud and up for download

 Episode 14 – Cruel Mistress

Ceephax  –  Cobra Mist (Pylon Emotions)
(Cro Magnox,WEME, 2013)
The Black Dog  –  Spatchka
(Tranklements, Dust Science, 2013)
Jefre Cantu Ledesma  –  Roam The Milky Way
(Devotion, Devotion, 2013)
Pixel  –  Line Level
(Mantle, Raster-Noton, 2013)
Morphosis  –  Music For Vampyr (ii) Shadows
(Dismantle, Honest Jon’s Records, 2013)
Miles  –  Rejoice
(Faint Hearted, Modern Love, 2013)
Christian Vogel  –  Particles
(Eselsbrucke, Sub Rosa, 2013) bandcamp
Jeff Mills  –  Le Mer et C’est Un Caractere
(Sequence: A Retrospective of Axis Records, Axis, 2012)
Richard Skelton  –  The Bitter Shore
(Skura, bandcamp, 2013)
Juliana Barwick  –  Look Into Your Own Mind
(Nepenthe, Dead Oceans, 2013)
Fennesz  –  July
(Seven Stars, Touch, 2011)
Lustmord  –  Babel
(The Word As Power, Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
Old Apparatus  –  Octofish
(Compendium, Sullen Tone, 2013)
Bee Mask  –  Rain in Coffee
(When We Were Eating Unripe Pears, Editions Mego, 2012)
Oneohtrix Point Never  –  Submersible
(Replica, Software Recording Co./V2, 2011)
Richard Knox & Frederic D Oberland  –  The Wreck Of Hope
(The Rustle Of The Stars, Gizeh, 2012)
Olafur Arnalds  –  Tomorrow’s Song
(Living Room Songs, Erased Tapes, 2012)
Postdrome  –  This Ship Creaks
(Where The King Will Land, bandcamp, 2013)
Angel  –  Dark Matter Leak
(26000, Editions Mego, 2011)
Mika Vainio  –  Sub Atlantic
(Kilo, Blast First Petite, 2013)
Pye Corner Audio  –  Theme Number Four
(Black Mill Tapes Vol 1, Type Recordings, 2010)
Lee Noble  –  I Don’t Blame You, We’re Having The Same Dream
(Ruiner, Bathetic, 2013) bandcamp
Rechenzentrum  –  Vlotho Exter
(Peel Sessions, Kitty Yo, 2001)
Holden  –  Circle Of Fifths
(The Inheritors, Border Community, 2013)
Ceephax  –  Cobra Mist (Sidstation Version)
(Cro Magnox, WEME, 2013)
Kettel & Secede  –  Grandcan
(When Can, Sending Orbs, 2012)
Colleen  –  Ursa Major Find
(The Weighing Of The Heart, Second Language Music, 2013)

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