DethscalatorSo, enough with the relaxing staring out to sea and studying rain and the like, time once more for a right old racket. Here’s a record that’s been much enjoyed by the Prince Reelfoot in recent weeks, and I believe they feature in his new Panic & Carousels show next friday. But, you don’t have to wait for that, you can listen to the whole thing here via their bandcamp site. They, along with a few other bands on the splendid riot season label will be playing at next weeks supernormal festival and I’m getting pretty excited about it now. Sadly the Prince can’t make it as he’s off in Vermont shooting at majestic bears and probably sauntering about on racial golf courses like a bitch. Or something. Quite the puzzling title isn’t it? But I’m all for that sort of thing really. This is very much that awful noisy music that everyone hates and think you only play to annoy them. It’s great. It comes on pink vinyl with a band golf tee too which should please your inner record collecting geek.


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