Rodeo Girls Go ‘Round The Outside


More Supernormal noisemongering this coming weekend from riot season with the wonderfully demented Shit And Shine. Playing Friday night between Evil Blizzard and reformed 90’s sludge rock legends Terminal Cheesecake it’d be hard to think of a more appropriate current band to open for them. What they’ll be up to is anyone’s guess as they seem to have the kind of shifting line-up and freeform improvisational live approach that should perfectly suit the festival’s whole approach.  A dreadful meandering formless racket, at least, it is to be hoped so. We pause here now for an obligatory reference to Texas, and by extension, another band of noisy troublemakers from that great state… now, moving along and again with a bandcamp link – this is their most recent (fifth) album from last year and features the absolutely solid gold excellent ‘Rodeo Girls’ amid a range of other delights

log copy


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