Seamless Boogie Woogie BBC 10pm (rpt)

Best title for quite a while wasn’t it? This is a favourite off CLINIC’S ‘Free Reign’ album from last year, which I was slightly alarmed to find out is their seventh. Eight now if you count the recent remix record. I seem to have dropped the ball sometime after their excellent second record ‘Walking With Thee’. Most remiss of me. Whatever, ‘Free Reign’ is a marvellous record and I dare say it’ll take up the lion’s share of their set this Saturday to which I’m looking forward immensely. I’m also given to understand that outdoor performances feature Hawaiian shirts rather than the usual surgical scrubs, and I do like a nice Hawaiian shirt, ideal for a summer’s evening and so on. All that and then I’ll have a few albums to catch up on too. Splendid.

supernormal-2013 crown


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