Richard Dawson and The Glass Trunk


Well now, I was hoping to sweetly round out my Supernormal weekend with a closing set from the lovely Mr Dawson down in the barn. From what I’ve heard, he was absolutely wonderful, in my actual world though, I was swept up into the drunken mob celebration and vulgar spectacle that was ‘Bowie-oke’. Not quite as abject and shambolic as you might imagine to be honest with you but still. Richard Dawson is a sweet, funny and personable man but artistically something of an enigma. Attempts to explain what it is he does seem to fall rather short of helpful, but it’s folk music, only stripped of the sometimes negative connotations you might have for that term. And it’s not ‘nu’ or ‘weird’ folk either. Maybe folk-art might be more helpful. He makes visual art too. Take a listen and call it whatever suits you. Always the best policy. Many of you will be aware that this recent record is the result of the half memory project that also produced the latest Warm Digits record and with which had some involvement, If you’re not you should really give it a listen. Here’s a link to the page for his show from earlier in the year which has some video clips which can trick you into believing him a giant of a man, at home amongst the trees, birds nesting inwith his beard. In truth he’s of regular stature and just plays a small guitar…

his own website

supernormal cones hole_inv


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