Family Time


I say there, my man informs me that tomorrow night heralds the overdue arrival of a new episode of the heart-racing Panic & Carousels musical joy ride and I could scarcely be more delighted. Delayed last week for technical reasons, it was compiled in the aftermath of Supernormal earlier in the month and so features a good number of the acts from that weekend alongside a tasty miscellany of tangentially related tunes. Seems my time management guru Flava Flav has a fair deal of, quite expensive I must say, work still to do with me.  With his usual garbled ferocity pointing out to me that it might have been better to do this ahead of the weekend rather than after. Forewarned is forearmed and so on. He may have a point I must admit, and so he now has me already working on the relative hallowe’en, christmas and end of year shows. No doubt to reappear at inappropriate intervals. Tomorrow then my friends, with Dethscalator, Comanechi, Art Of Burning Water, Good Throb, Clinic, Terminal Cheesecake, Shit and Shine, Evil Blizzard, Mugstar, Hookworms, Sly & The Family Drone, GunCleaner, Demdike Stare and a sweet dessert of 20-odd year old nostalgia pie to go with some of the 20 -odd year old riffs.


blind handling 2(1)


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