Panic & Carousels Episode 16 – 22 Going On 23


Here then for the curious is a playlist for tonight’s 16th fun-packed installment.  The show goes out again next Friday at the same time and will then be archived on mixcloud  in the familiar fashion. Before then I might even get around to a word or two about Supernormal and some of the bands there and here…

Panic & Carousels Episode 16 – 22 Going On 23

Butthole Surfers – 22 Going On 23
(Locust Abortion Technician, Blast First, 1987)

Terminal Cheesecake – Blowhound
(Angels In Pigtails, Pathological, 1990)
Mugstar – Axis Modulator
(Axis, Agitated Records, 2012)
Clinic – Seesaw
(Free Reign, Domino, 2013)
Hookworms – Preservation
(Pearl Mystic, Gringo Records, 2013)
Dethscalator – Grotto Crank
(Racial Golf Course, No Bitches, Riot Season, 2013)
Expo ’70 – Closet Full Of Candles
(Virtually From The Unknown, Sonic Meditations, 2013)
Th’ Faith Healers – Gorgeous Blue Flower
(Don’t Jones Me…And Then Some, Too Pure, 1993)
Silverfish – T.F.A.
(T.F.A. E.P, Wiiija, 1990)
Art Of Burning Water – Since His Collapse
( This Disgrace, Riot Season, 2013)
Comanechi – Death Of You
(7″ Merok Records, 2007)
The Breeders – Shocker In Gloomtown
(Head To Toe 12″, 4AD, 1994 )
Guided By Voices – Pictures Of The Man
(Down By The Racetrack E.P. Guided By Voices Inc. 2013)
Good Throb – Culture Vulture
(7″Muscle Horse records, 2013)
Evil Blizzard – Red Box
(The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard, Louder Than war, 2013)
Shit And Shine – Bass Puppy
(12″, Badmaster Records, 2010)
GunCleaner – Scally Lad Shower
(Beauty Finds A New Face, Vacant Fulfilment, 2013)
Melvins – Station To Station
(Everybody Loves Sausages, Ipecac, 2013)
Sly & The Family Drone – Your Mum’s A Provicncial Rock Club
(Appetite For Tax Evasion, Vacant Fulfilment, 2013)
Actress – Floating In Ecstasy
(Silver Cloud, Werk Discs,2013)
Demdike Stare – Primitive Equations
(Test Pressings, Modern Love, 2013)
Enduser (ft Patrick Currier) – Retox
(12″ Retox, 2013)
Richard Dawson – We Picked Apples In A Graveyard Freshly Mowed
(The Magic Bridge, Pink Triangle, 2011)


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