A Traumatised Recital Of Drill Shouts

Panic & Carousels #17 - A Traumatised Recital Of Drill Shouts

Panic & Carousels #17 – A Traumatised Recital Of Drill Shouts was mixed in one hit in between a sparse breakfast and a visit to the pub.

It has no grand narrative or message. It will not make your penis 3 inches longer or make men fall in love with you.

It does however have a lot of new music – from Tim Hecker, from Pelican, from Factory Floor, from Cavern Of Anti-Matter, from White Hills, from Necro Deathmort

There’s some music discovered from The Wire’s recent look at the new Bristol scene involving Young Echo, Livity Sounds et al.

There’s a frankly fucking horrible track from Black Sun Roof, and some music that would definitely sound good on Oxycodone, including a pair from the new Monotype compilation 70 Years Of Sunshine

You can download Panic & Carousels #17 here

You can stream Panic & Carousels #17 here


Here’s what was played

01. Jean Yatove – Chansons Des Forains (from Jour de Fete) (Les Compositeurs Des Films De Jacques Tati, Naive, 2011)

02. Cabaret Voltaire – Damage Is Done (The Voice Of America, Rough Trade, 1980)

03. Factory Floor – Turn It Up (Factory Floor, DFA, 2013)

04. Black Sites – Prototype (single, Pan, 2013)

05. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Acid Death Picnic (Blood Drums, Grautag, 2013)

06. Zhou – I Remain (single, Punch Drunk, 2011)

07. Ishan Sound – Clash Of The Titans ft Ras Addis (Hodge Remix) (single, Peng, 2013)

08. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Bacon (Techno Animal Dub Version) (Remix EP, Mute, 2000)

09. Bill Callahan – Expanding Dub (single, Drag City, 2013)

10. Young Echo – My Child My Chain (Nexus, Ramp, 2013)

11. Kahn – Dread (single, Deep Medi, 2012)

12. Necro Deathmort – Gatekeeper / Titan (EP1, Distraction, 2013)

13. White Hills – The Internal Monologue (So You Are.. So You’ll Be, Thrill Jockey, 2013)

14. Pelican – The Cliff (Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013)

15. Black Sun Roof – Shit Slaughter (Feral, VHF, 2012)

16. Bo Ningen – Henkan (single, Stolen, 2011)

17. Kanellos – 14 Ways To Kill A Blackshirt (Noise In Opposition download)

18. The Fun Years – The Surge Is Working (Baby It’s Cold Inside, Barge, 2008)

19. Tim Hecker РRadiance  (Virgins, Kranky, 2013)

20. Stranger By Starlight – The Procession (Chalk White Nights, Bad Paintings, 2013)

21. Anna Meredith – Orca (Black Prince Fury, Moshi Moshi, 2012)

22. Chihei Hatakeyama – Border Feather (70 Years Of Sunshine, Monotype, 2013)

23. Zoviet France – Feel The Warmth (Shadow Thief Of The Sun, DOVe, 1991)

24. The Legendary Pink Dots – Don’t Worry Dear, I’ll Be Holding Your Hand (70 Years Of Sunshine, Monotype, 2013)

25. Libbe Matz Gang – Congratulations, You Have Just Met The Famous BSSR Nazikillers (Noise In Opposition download)



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