Grey Is The Colour

carousels copy

Don’t they look sweet? This was almost the cover art thing for Episode 18 of Panic & Carousels ‘Grey Is The Colour’ but I wasn’t quite happy with it for some reason. Only two of the three of them feature on it, which slightly bugged me too. Still, I’ve ended up naming it after the tall chap on the right’s contribution which comes from the most recent record by one of his numerous projects and we have Mr Bullen on the left there to thank for posting the original picture on the facebook and for providing the smashing ambient/acousmatic remix in the middle that I’ve become so very fond of.

For those in the dark, or of a younger vintage this is a 25-30 year old baby faced pic of the short-lived but completely classic and remarkably influential Napalm Death line up that made the first side of Scum. Both Justin Broadrick and Nic Bullen got bored with it and left to do other things before they made the second side. Mick Harris (in the middle there) lasted another few years before going off to do Scorn, initially with Bullen, while others also came and went, starting Carcass and Cathedral amongst other things. eventually some kind of stable line-up formed to become whatever it is they are right up until now – who knows? Dull, I imagine, all the interesting people went off to do other stuff. A quite remarkable array of other stuff at that, which was inconceivable back then really, just a bunch of kids playing the loudest most obnoxious noise they could muster in the upstairs room of a rundown pub. They were great fun but you wouldn’t have guessed there was a future in it. Funny old world eh?

Not so very long ago I went to see the wonderful Sleaford Mods, as should you if you get a chance, and Nic Bullen and Mick Harris were DJ-ing before and after them. Wonderful stuff, Harris kicked off with some mad raggacore thing as perhaps a vague concession to making us dance but pretty much everyone filed on out, so he dropped some massive slab of filthy noise that got rid of the rest of us. Good man.

Anyway, enough with the pipe and slippers reminiscing this most recent episode can now be enjoyed at your own convenience streamed from the mixcloud over here or downloaded for dubious podcast commuting joy from here

tracklisting details and so on are a couple of posts back or click here


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