Our Youth Seems To Be Leaving Us

Panic & Carousels 19

Panic & Carousels was mixed in the immediate aftermath of this year’s amazing Tusk Festival, ears ringing and brain shaken. I might write about it later.

Anyway, quite a lot of Tusk artists appear (or reappear) in this episode – Hacker Farm, who were a delight onstage, in conversation and in person; Oren Ambarchi, who killed it twice – both solo and with Neil Campbell and Mick Flower (appearing here with Vibracathedral Orchestra); Midnight Doctors, who’s debut – only? – show was wonderful; and King Crimson, just because the DJ played Red and reminded me how good it was.

Download Panic & Carousels #18 here, and carry it with you everywhere

Stream Panic & Carousels #18 here, and listen to it on your smartphone or summat

Here’s what was played.

01. Old Apparatus – Hazley (Epirtsder EP,Sullen Tone download, 2013)

02. Trentemoller – The Dream (ft Low) (Lost, In My Room, 2013)

03. Bee Mask – Vaporware (EP, Room40, 2012)

04. Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 3 (Plays Bee Mask, Spectrum Spools, 2013)

05. Four Tet – Aerial (Beautiful Rewind, Text, 2013)

06. Hacker Farm – Deterritorial Army (UHF, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

07. Laibach – God Is God (Optical Mix) (Remixes, Mute, 1996)

08. Panacea – Tron RMX (Low Profile Darkness, Position Chrome, 1997)

08. House In The Woods – Sunlight On Rusting Hulk (Bucolica, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

09. Fovea Hex – Play Another (Here Is What We Used To Sing, Janet Records, 2011)

10. FIRE! ft Oren Ambarchi – I Am Sucking For A Bruise (In The Mouth – A Hand, Rune Grammofon, 2012)

11. Midnight Doctors – The End Of The World Carnival Waltz (Red Wine For The End Of The World, alt.vinyl / Ouroboros, 2013)

12. Michael Gira – You See Through Me (Drainland, Alternative Tentacles, 1995)

13. Vibracathedral Orchestra – Cholita Maria (Smoke Song, VHF, 2010)

14. X-TG – Gordian Knot (The Final Report, Industrial, 2012)

15. Cave – Shikaakwa (Threeace, Drag City, 2013)

16. Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Sound Magic’s Death Ray Destroys The Vortex & Has Union With Infinity (Blood-Drums, Grautag, 2013)

17. Gum Takes Tooth – The Earth’s Mantle Colonised (Silent Cenotaph, Tiger Trap, 2011)

18. Melt Banana – The Hive (Fetch, A-Zap, 2013)

19. King Crimson – Red (Red, Island, 1974)

20. Desert Heat – Cat Mask At Huggie Temple (12″, MIE, 2013)


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