And Like That… They Were Gone

“DETHSCALATOR shared Andy Clydesdale‘s event.

Musician/Band · 504 Likes

Sad to say that this Saturday’s gig at the Victoria Dalston will be our last gig. No real drama, just decided its run its course. What it does mean is everyone should come to the gig and have a beer or two with us and hear us murder some of our oldest songs. Thanks to everyone who put us on, came to the shows, and played with us in the last five years. A special thanks to Riot Season (Record Label), Anthea Leyland, the Hey Colossus guys for kicking our ass into gear in the first place, and so many other good people. Here’s the details for the gig, see you there!

Well that’s just shit. I – Prince Reelfoot – never did get to see Dethscalator, which is sad, and also the source of endless irritation as that pintsize pest Thee Monkey’s Claw will now bang on about how he did.

Here they are at Supernormal. Thee Monkey’s Claw is in the crowd, naturally


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