Mr Broccoli Has No Ticket

Panic & Carousels #21

As well as the usual blend of new releases (including Melvins, Lumbar, Emptyset, Al Cisneros) and some disturbing eruptions from the vaults, the 21st Panic & Carousels includes something a little bit special: although I was stupid enough to miss his set at the recent, excellent Unearthing Forgotten Horrors event at the Star & Shadow Cinema, shadowy dronelord Joseph Curwen was good enough to let me broadcast it in full in this show. It takes up the last 30 minutes, roughly, notwithstanding a Dolly Dolly soundpoem (from a new Exotic Pylon release) and a gorgeous closer from the wonderful new Tara Jane O’Neill album. There’s also a pair of tracks from the new Canonbury set (also on Exotic Pylon, and a project not entirely unrelated to Joseph ‘Outer Church’ Stannard), a killer selection from Ben Waller’s The Devil album and.. erm.. some Edgar Broughton Band.

You can download Panic & Carousels #21 here or stream it here

01 Dolly Dolly – Fix Death (Antimacassar, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

02 Canonbury – Bodmin Fence (Hacker Farm Remix) (The Knock Of The Shoe, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

03 Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demons Out! (single, Harvest, 1970)

04 Daniel Avery – Naive Response (single, Phantasy Sound, 2013)

05 Mary Velo – Detune (unknown)

06 Emptyset -Fragment (Recur, Raster Noton, 2013)

07 Phantom Love – Crave For Lust (Edit) (single, ZerOkilled Music, 2013)

08 Peverelist & Asusu – Surge (Livity Sound compilation, 2013)

09 Al Cisneros – Ark Procession (single, Drag City, 2013)

10 Asher D & Daddy Freddy – Raggamuffin Version (Itsu Uno Dub Of Doom) (single, Fat Hop, 2013)

11 23 Skidoo – Fuck You G.I. (Urban Gamelan, Illuminated, 1984)

12 Canonbury – Lamb Crunch (Old Apparatus Mix) (The Knock Of The Shoe, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

13 Dolly Dolly – Consangish (ft Moon Wiring Club) (Antimacassar, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

14 Dawson Davies – On The Up-Platform At Morpeth Station (Hen Ogledd, alt.vinyl, 2013)

15 Melvins – You’re In The Army Now (Tres Cabrones, Ipecac, 2013)

16 Henry Flynt – Uncle Sam Do (I Don’t Wanna, Locust, 2004)

17 Mugstar – Sunburnt Impedance Machine (Lime, Important, 2010)

17 Soft Machine – We Did It Again (s/t, Probe, 1968)

18 The Devil – Silent Roar (s/t, Copy, 2o13)

19 Lumbar – Day Three (The First & Last Days Of Unwelcome, Southern Lord, 2013)

20 Nurse With Wound, Tiny Tim & Current 93 – Just What DO You Mean By Antichrist? (Songs Of An Impotent Troubadour, Durtro, 1995)

21 Coil – Herald (Horse Rotorvator, Force & Form, 1986)

22 Joseph Curwen – Live At Unearthing Forgotten Horrors (09.11.2013) (Bandcamp release)

23 Dolly Dolly – Storm Bound (Antimacassar, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

24 Tara Jane O’Neill – All Now Vibe (Where Shine New Lights, Kranky, 2014)


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