Episode 22 – It’s A Wonderful Life

panic_wonderful_life cover

Episode 22 then is in the manner of those events where a band plays a live soundtrack along to a film with varying degrees of success. I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea. I have a dubious memory of myself and Prince Reelfoot at some idyllic festival somewhere watching Asian Dub Foundation attempting to soundtrack Bugsy Malone. Seems unlikely now I see it written down I admit, and considerable quantities of drink had been taken. Indeed to the extent we couldn’t really stand. or see particularly either well but I’m pretty sure it happened. I digress, what we have here is a selection of tunes, some festive, some not, in conjunction with a good portion of the soundtrack to seasonal classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. The Flaming Lips are involved but this isn’t like that nonsense about ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and The Wizard Of Oz. Honest. It’s A Wonderful Life is, well, a wonderful film and in a year that sees the Red Cross collecting food aid to distribute within the UK for the first time since the second world war (a period covered in the film) I would hope I don’t need to go into great detail for you about just how depressingly pertinent it still is today.

you can stream it here, or download it (for christmas day) here and here’s what was involved…

Panic & Carousels 22 -‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

Julian Koster – Hark the Herald Angels Sing (The Singing Saw At Christmas, Merge, 2008)
Imagene Peise – Atlas Eets Christmas (Atlas Eets Christmas…)
Eat Lights Become Lights – Rowley Way Overlook (Modular Living, Rocket Girl, 2013)
Actress – Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion (Silver Clouds, Ninja Tune, 2013)
Emptyset – Lens (Recur, Raster Noton, 2013)
Low – Little Drummer Boy (Christmas E.P. Chairkickers, 2000)
Marlene Dietrich – Little Drummer Boy
Lindstromm – Little Drummer Boy (Real Life Is No Cool, Smalltown Supersound, 2009)
The Fall – (We Wish You A) Protein Christmas (single, Action Records, 2003)
Sonic Youth – Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope
Butthole Surfers – Good King Wenceslas (single, Trance Syndicate, 1994)
The First Christmas Season Of The Adirondack Carousel
The Eccentronic Research Council – Blanck Christ Mass (download, 2012)
Imagene Peise – Silver Bells (Atlas Eets Christmas…)
Julian Koster – Silver Bells (The Singing Saw At Christmas, Merge, 2008)
Low – Long Way Around The Sea (Christmas E.P. Chairkickers, 2000)
Olafur Arnalds – Carry Me Anew (For Now I Am Winter, Mercury Classics, 2013)
Olafur Arnalds – Only the Winds (For Now I Am Winter, Mercury Classics, 2013)
Eat Lights Become Lights – Los Feliz To Griffith (Modular Living, Rocket Girl, 2013)
Mogwai – Christmas Song (EP +6, Chemikal Underground, 2001)
Flaming Lips w/ Yoko Ono – Atlas Eets Christmas (2011 #12, Warner Bros, 2011)


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