panic and carousels at the end of the year


There you are then. A couple of hours worth of our favourite things from the past year, the first hour from Prince Reelfoot and the second from Thee Monkeys Claw. Lots we didn’t have time for of course but I doubt there are too many suprises here for regular listeners. You have been listening to

Broadcast – Here Comes The Sabbath, There Goes The Cross
Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone
Boards Of Canada – Jacquard Causeway
Mogwai – Remurdered
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Rotation & Particle Density In D
Grumbling Fur – Protogenesis
Hookworms – Form & Function 1
Hacker Farm – Drive Time
L.Pierre – Harmonic Avenger
The Ex ft Brass Unbound – Every Sixth Is Cracked
The Devil – Agatha Christie
Hey Colossus – English Flesh
Richard Dawson – Poor Old Horse
Broadcast – Monica’s Burial (Under The Junipers)
Dethscalator – World War Two Hitler Youth Dagger
The Knife – Without You My Life Would Be Boring
Congo Natty – Get Ready
Matmos – Tunnel
Laurel Halo – Melt
Dean Blunt – Imperial Gold
Oneohtrix Point Never – Inside World
Holden – Blackpool Late Eighties
Violetshaped – Down Regulation
The Bug (ft. Flowdan) – Louder
Vatican Shadow – Not The Son Of Desert Storm, But The Child Of Chechnya
Trade – Positive Neckline
Art Of Burning Water – You Won’t Know ‘Til You’ve Cried
Tim Hecker – Amps, Drugs, Harmonium


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