Panic & Carousels – Episode 24


Kicking off momentarily on fabulous episode 24 sees the Hickeysonic chaps look back on the year in the way customary to the season. Two of the usual whopping great hours of goodness all from 2013. 24 shows in 12 months and, thanks to a little recent housekeeping you can find a large majority of it over on our archive page, should you need to fill the lonely hours until the new year rings in. Only a couple of tracks appear more than the once in that whole time, a few favoured artists cropping up a few times. So it is with this end of year show, repeat appearances for artists/albums we’ve loved this year but not neccessarily the tunes. Sleaford Mods are an obvious omission, probably ‘cos they were in the last show, we’d probably be in agreement that ‘Hot Grave’ is one of the tunes of the year but Prince Reelfoot has opted for the almost as awesome ‘English Flesh’ instead, likewise I’m fairly sure I picked a Dethscalator tune that we’ve not used before – It’s not a definitive bean counting type of affair. Which is not to say he doesn’t spend most of December in the corner scribbling in a leather bound volume fuelled by port and crisps, just that I’ve been able to spare you the full unvarnished horror of his list-making proclivities. Onwards!


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