Panic & Carousels – Episode 25

panic25coversml  New year, new you, new ways to fail. Off we go then. After all that relentless new, ‘best of the year’ type business there’s a lot of mostly older stuff in this one. Kicking off as we mean to go on with a wonderful lengthy piece from Fenn O’Berg (Fennesz, Jim O’ Rourke and Peter Rehberg) called ‘A Viennese Tragedy’ and then rolls on with some pretty heavy hitters including Einsturzende Neubauten & Perc, Faust, Test Dept. something very old from Foetus, Coil, Stereolab & Nurse With Wound, John Zorn & Thurston Moore, Shellac, Butthole Surfers, Rowland S. Howard and No Means No…


there’s also a fair amount of new (ish) stuff in there too novelty addicts at 7pm

do join us


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