Nurse With Wound

Nurse stack pole copy

That’s right. I’m feeling a little literal today. Nurse With Wound featured a couple of times in the recent episode of Panic & Carousels (scroll down a post or two for it) and here’s another shot of ’em for your further considerations. First up it seems a new addition to their endless discography is nww_t_cabout to arrive in the shape of ‘Terms & Conditions’ a double disc collection of remixes and unreleased bits and bobs that features a couple of versions of ‘Cruisin’ For A Bruisin” and, as part of the limited edition, the whole of the album it came from ‘Huffin Rag Blues’ as a bonus disc. Well, fancy that.

Now, I don’t really know why but I was suprised to find out there was a bandcamp page. Some vague notion that Stapleton would disapprove of it for some reason or other I expect. But of course, a Nurse With Wound bandcamp is a truly wonderful thing, both for fans and the curious alike. The stuff released under that banner by Stapleton (and an impressive list of collaborators) is incredibly varied and often hard to find. There is also, as I believe I mentioned, thirty prolific years worth of it floating about to work your way through. It’s often far from easy going either and even the most hardened and determined admirers have probably not heard it all. I hazard that it would be unwise to try. There are a nice round 50 releases up to stream and buy on the bandcamp page. Most likely enough for anyone but not, I suspect, exhaustive. Anyway, to start you off here’s ‘Huffin Rag Blues’ from 2008 which is definitely a quite gentle starting point..

we also featured one of the Stereolab collaborations ‘Simple Headphone Mind’ which is regarded around here as being among the best things either have put their name to

Lastly I was somewhat suprised to see ‘Insect and Individual Silence’ on there. The fourth album, it was recorded in the early 80’s and featuring Jim ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell, and Stapleton has been dismissive of it since claiming to have burnt the master tapes. On a first listen, it’s really not that bad. Nor is it unfamiliar sounding stuff if you know his later records…


that leaves another 47 to go at. Which ought to keep anyone busy really.

official site – brainwashed



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