Utility Music

Nevermind Duke Ellington. This is the New Jazz, ‘daddio’. Ahem, Gyratory System are back with a third album of their unique and beguiling music. They use instruments and electronic processing and layers of recording and something they call ‘the process’ to make this extraordinary thing. It is at once familiar and alien and seemingly quite tricky to describe. Imagine if Kraftwerk had been a free jazz improv trio. Not quite like that. Imagine any number of other musics it conjurs but isn’t. In the promo blurb they use a quote from Uncut which calls it ‘hypnotic and irresistible’. Which it is. Have a listen to it. Here’s a hopelessly inadequate review from loud and quiet who has no idea what to make of it except ‘I don’t like it!’ and a better one (more appreciative and better written) from louder than war  which despite a fine effort still seems inadequate to the task at hand. Many, many more words might be required. Or you could just watch this op-art clip for the recent single and get all you need to know…




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