Tough Guys Finger Snapping

Panic & Carousels 26

That was Panic & Carousels #26: Tough Guys Finger Snapping, with the vaguest of nods to the first anniversary of the show thanks to Delia Derbyshire and The Residents. There’s new Mogwai and Sunn O))) & Ulver, a couple of tracks from the Jehu & Chinaman compilation, a showstopper from The Tiger Lillies and some classic Tortoise and AC Marias. There’s also a track from the first The Hare & The Moon album. It’s since become clear that they’ve been working with Tony Wakeford, which makes us sad, but hey – it’s a lovely track and maybe they’re just a bit dumb.

You can download Panic & Carousels #26 here or stream it here

o1 Delia Derbyshire – Happy Birthday (Music from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 2003)

02 Martin Rev – Mari (Martin Rev, Infidelity, 1980)

03 Plone – Plock (For Beginner Piano, Warp, 1999)

04 Wizard Of – Childlike (For Isabel compilation, Jehu & Chinaman, 2014)

05 Death & Vanilla – Ghosts In The Machine (Death & Vanilla, Hands In The Dark, 2012)

06 A$AP Ferg – Cocaine Castles (Trap Lord, A$AP Worldwide, 2013)

07 Nearly God – Poems (single, Durban Poison, 1996)

08 Tortoise – Gamera (single, Duophonic UHF, 1995)

09 Alice Coltrane – Stopover Bombay (Journey In Satchidananda, Impulse, 1971)

10 Beehoover – Interlude #1 (The Devil & His Footmen, Exile On Mainstream, 2013)

11 Phil Tyler – Youth Will Soon Be Gone (We Sunk The Ships To Get Rid Of The Rats, Rif Mountain, 2013)

12 Cian Nugent & The Cosmos – The Grass Above My Head (Born With The Caul, No Quarter, 2013)

13 The Hare & The Moon – Hob’s Lane (The Hare & The Moon, Reverb Worship, 2009)

14 Sunn O))) & Ulver – Western Horn (Terrestrials, Southern Lord, 2014)

15 The Caretaker – In The Deep Dark Hours Of The Night (Patience (After Sebald, History Always Favours The Winners, 2012)

16 Dickon Hinchcliffe – The Karachi Club Shooting (Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1980, Blackest Ever Black, 2013)

17 AC Marias – Just Talk (One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing, Mute, 1989)

18 The Durutti Column– Sketch For Summer (Return Of The Durutti Column, Factory, 1980)

19 Adderall Canyonly – The Sound Of Your Face (For Isabel compilation, Jehu & Chinaman, 2014)

20 Mogwai – No Medicine For Regret (Rave Tapes, Rock Action, 2o14)

21 The Oscillation – Descent (From Tomorrow, All Time Low, 2013)

22 Guru Guru – Bo Diddley (Hinten, Ohr, 1971)

23 Beauty Pageant – Cheerleaders (Torso EP, Box, 2013)

24 ORE – Sugar Man (free Bandcamp release, 2013)

25 The Residents – Birthday Boy (Buster & Glen, Ralph, 1978)

26 Holger Hiller – Das Feuer (single, Ata Tak, 1984)

27 Band Of Holy Joy – Watching The Night Porter Again (City Of Tales, Exotic Pylon, 2013)

28 The Tiger Lillies – My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Lulu: A Murder Ballad, Tiger Lillies Records, 2014)

29 Aphex Twin – Ruglen Holon (Drukqs, Warp, 2001)

30 Riz Ortolani– Cannibal Holocaust End Titles (OST, Lucertola, 1995)


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