I Can Hear The Heart Breaking As One

25may2011 (13) copyPanic & Carousels returns tomorrow night, which we’re aware is St. Valentine’s day. There’s not a whole lot of romance contained in the show it has to be said, more of an industrial decline, disease and death type of affair the truth be told. Not that such issues should stop you listening to it as you prepare to head out for an overpriced joyless night with your dearest amid a crowd of equally wretched unfortunates, all trapped together under a crushing sense of duty to make the evening special when they’d rather be guzzling cava and a take-away on the sofa, wiping their fingers on their shirt and watching back to back episodes of Breaking Bad. Naturally of course, the kind of person who enjoys listening to this sort of formless abrasive noise rarely has any proper friends let alone a partner, so you can probably listen to it alone before drinking a bottle of vodka and cough syrup while online gaming and then crying yourself to sleep or however it is you choose to spend these special times. Don’t feel bad. Hickeysonic loves you. You’re our people xxx

Anyway, in amongst the usual sturm und doom, sad ex-goths and what have you is a piece from this album

That’s right Romeo it’s called ‘Three Love Songs’ and while it’s still an abstract, formless and experimental drift of sound, it’s a sweet and melancholy one, the late afternoon sun in the autumn trees, that sort of thing. So you can listen to the whole thing here if you like, or go to his bandcamp or even download the whole caper for free from the delightfully named an abundance of strawberries

Told you we love you. Why, I feel so damnably nice and sweetly disposed I might even post some kittens for you





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