abandoned artifacts


Well here we go friends and lovers, vaguely valentine-y sentiments ahoy. here’s the lowdown and the download for episode 27. You can also stream it on mixcloud

Panic & Carousels Episode 27 – Abandoned Artifacts

Test Dept. – Long Live British Democracy  (A Good Night Out, Ministry Of Power, 1987)
Gyratory System – Industrial Action  (New Harmony, Angular recording Corp. 2011)
Vessel – Misery Is A Communicable Disease  (12″, Liberation Technologies, 2013)
Actress – Contagious  (Ghettoville, Werk Discs/Ninja Tune, 2014)
Ricky Eat Acid – In rural virginia; watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room
(Three Love Songs, Orchid Tapes, 2014)
Foetus In Your Bed – Primordial Industry  [VA – An Afflicted Man’s Musica Box, United Dairies, 1982]
Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 07  [Plays Bee Mask, Spectrum Spools, 2013]
Pye Corner Audio – Evil Surrounds  [Black Mill Tapes Vol.4: Dystopian Vectors, 2014]
Modified Toy Orchestra – Xylo  [New Sounds From Old Circuits, static Caravan, 2002]
Unicorn Hard-On – Mysterious Prism  [Weird  Universe, Spectrum Spools, 2013]
Shit and Shine – Dixie Peach  [DIAG004, Diagonal, 2013]
Guerilla Toss –  SugarBetter  [Gay Disco, NNA Tapes, 2014]
Perc – Take Your Body Off  [The Power And The Glory, Perc Trax, 2014]
Wanda Group – No Mouth or Transparency and Variable Curvature (edit)    [A Slab About Being Held Captive, NNA Tapes, 2013]
Wire – Rail  [Wired EP, Mord, 2013]
Rrose – Waterfall (Lucy Remix) [Waterfall Variations, Eaux, 2013]
Shapednoise – Survival of the Dead  [Until Human Voices Wake Us, Opal Tapes, 2013]
Anthony Child –  Over Napoli  [Halha, Downwards, 2013]
James Ferraro – Stuck 2  [NYC, Hell 3:00AM, Hippos In Tanks, 2013]
OAKE –  Tenoun Rah Zan  [Halha, Downwards, 2013]
Ruairi o Baoighill – Part IV  (Walpurgis, bandcamp, 2012)
William S. Burroughs – Abandoned Artifacts  (Flexi Disc, Fresh Sounds Inc, 1981)
Crash Worship – Awake  (What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth – Do It With All Thine Might, Rocco Fresco, 1989)


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