The Power And The Glory


Well now, being descerning types you’ll no doubt be aware that Ali ‘Perc’ Wells’ second abum is out and about in the world today. The track we included in Friday night’s Panic & Carousels is one of two to feature the vocal stylings of Dan ‘Man Handler’ Chandler, late of our beloved Dethscalator and it is to be hoped that this means he might continue to be around in some way or other rather than going back to living in a skip or whatever. Early days of course but I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying it’s better than ‘Wicker And Steel’, and I thought very highly of that album indeed. It’s broader this time out, less dancefloor centred (although hardly short on the pounding drums) and, following on from last year’s ‘Interpretations’ of Neubauten brings out more of the industrial influences in his music. Don’t you think there are echoes of Test Dept. and Foetus sleeves in the artwork there? It’s a break with the previous visual identity of Perc and Perc trax but one that exchanges a familiar grey techno brutalism for something more striking and helps bring out a truth about the music within which might be said to do somethinf similar. It’s the sort of sleeve art that people think is dead in the digital age, so a tip of the hat to Jonny Costello for that, good work that man! You can stream it (and buy) through bandcamp here. As if that wasn’t enough he’s also found time to do a  mix for FACT which is below. Not listened to it yet as the album’s been on repeat but I caught him DJing late last year and it was great, so I expect this’ll be too. Mondays aren’t all bad then eh?




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