‘I remember, he tried, to put his gun in my mouth…’


I’m tempted to just leave all this stuff here without a note. You’re all intelligent people aren’t you? Sometimes, it feels a little patronising to have to draw you a map. And then you have to think to yourself ‘They might be clever, but they aren’t psychic, nor necessarily patient with your nonsense. Might not be paddling in the same stream of conciousness as you, perhaps you should explain the bizarre twists of your thought’. That sort of thing. I think I had better try in this case because it’s quite an unlikely bag of shopping we’re emptying onto the kitchen table here. So, first following on from The Body the other day, here’s Primitive Man’s exceptional ‘Scorn’ album from late last year. It’s in a roughly similar area of despairingly heavy doom unbound by lazy genre clichés. That’s right, it is also ‘awesome’ dudes. It finally makes an appearance in tomorrow’s new Panic & Carousels. The title of this post, evoked by the cover of the album, comes from the opening line in Robert Ashley’s  Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon and was in mind because it kicked off a truly wonderful radio mix by Laurel Halo yesterday. Ashley died this week at the age of 83.


“Robert Ashley’s passing is very sad news. His music changed the way I think about space and pause in composition and the dynamics of recording. I made this mix a few weeks prior to its broadcast on Q2 Music and it is fitting that Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon sets it off. I look forward to continued inspiration from his work.”  Laurel Halo

you can stream that mix over at WQXR and, my God, you definitely should because it is absolutely fantastic stuff.


Bringing us back around to where we began here’s a remix by Laurel of a track by Blondes, handily on the same label/bandcamp,  RVNG as The Body…


chance of rain


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