Derrick May’s Assertion About Techno Sounding Like George Clinton and Kraftwerk Stuck In An Elevator Is Not Accurate


My gracious, Mr. May’s assertion is certainly evocative though, is it not? Imagine, if you will, the refined germans ascending into the mothership and casting a rather cold european eye across the scene of tasteless adolescent american excess therein. I imagine they’d feel the same sort of disquiet as poor Timothy Westwood’s parents habitually do. However, it’s eye catching title has secured the above piece a place in tonight’s Panic & Carousels (7pm in which, as in the album from which it is taken, it stands somewhat apart. Antique Electronic / Synthesizer Greats 1955 – 1985 Pt 2 is “a comprehensive cut-up of electronic and synthesizer music from 1955 – 1985. containing 100% plundered antique electronic music samples from cassettes, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes. No sounds herein are sourced elsewhere.” While this track’s lengthy title makes sense and the music bears it out by being a kind of abstract mash-up that does indeed not sound much like techno, the music elsewhere follows the cyptic crossword titles (Incoherent Ox Gown Dump, Hazel Plush Ducks) in giving far fewer clues as to its origin. There’s some pretty great stuff on there and it’s free to download on bandcamp, so you’d be rude not to really.

Tonight’s episode comes out to bat on their side, captained by heavy hitter Jeff Mills who brings his own Clinton-esque Space travel obsessions and his crazy electronic music to bear while leading out an international side featuring a too brief appearance by Lucy from his new album, and new tunes from Mondkopf, Kangding Ray, Delroy Edwards, Donato Dozzy, patten, Legowelt and various others bringing the kind of techno that drifts more towards musique concrete. There’s even a Francis Dhomont remix. Nice one, top one, sorted mate..



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