The Guilty Vicarage


Appreciate it’s been a little quiet on here the past few weeks, not a great deal for Gene up there to be keeping tabs on. Here’s the thing, episode 30 has hit a spot of bother after Prince Reelfoot, crazed on prescription drugs and rum, spilt said rum (and a good quantity of ginger and ice) all over it and then tried to clean it off with a copy of the free newspaper. Needless to say it was quite the mess. Poor absorbency, ink running all over from the badly registered estate agents adverts and so on. Compounding this mishap, later this week he’s due to set forth to the land of the free and swan about like Oscar Wilde getting drunk under the table by swarthy labourer types. And Mexicans. You’ll appreciate he’s been fair giddy at the prospect and so he’s not been able to focus his limited attention on putting this right. He vows to do so upon his return however.

In the meantime, thee Monkey’s Claw returns to the driver’s seat this friday – and a belter of a show it is too. @ 7pm


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