Panic & Carousels Episode 31 – Irregular Ornamental Assortment

ornamental assortment
A considerable spring miscellany then, here’s the tracklist information and download for the recent show. Lots of new things and a few judiciously chosen older ones, even a track called Northumberland. I think we’ve covered a lot of ground here without getting too random. Which is good. Although random is also good.

Panic & Carousels Episode 31 – Irregular Ornamental Assortment

Ekoplekz – Sea 90  [Unfidelity, Planet Mu, 2014]
Karen Gwyer – Waukon  [Needs Continuum, No Pain In Pop, 2013]
Daniel Avery – Drone Logic  [Drone Logic EP, Phantasy Sound, 2013]
Torn Hawk – Streets On Fire  [Through Force Of Will, Not Not Fun, 2014]
Nadja – Quell  [Queller, Essence Music, 2014]
Millie & Andrea – Corrosive  [Drop The Vowels, Modern Love, 2014]
Fieldhead – Northumberland  [Fury and Hecla, Gizeh, 2014]
Pan Sonic – 4’35”  [Oksastus, Kvitnu, 2014]
Gallon Drunk – The Speed Of Fear  [The Soul Of The Hour, Clouds Hill Recordings, 2014]
Hauschka – Sanzhi Pod City  [Abandoned City, Temporary residence Limited, 2014]
Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya  [Velo di Maya EP, the Bunker New York, 2014]
Dalhous – Sight Of Hirta  [Visibility Is A Trap, Blackest Ever Black, 2014]
Clipping – Taking Off  [CLPPNG,, 2014]
The Skull Defekts – King Of Misinformation  [Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown, Thrill Jockey, 2014]
Magnétophone – Air Methods  [Air Methods 7″, Static Caravan, 1998]
The Resource Centre – All Automatic – Phases 1-2  [The Resource Centre Series EP 1, First Fold records, 2010]
The Young Mothers – Ruth  [A Mothers Work Is Never Done, Tektite Records, 2014]
Origamibiro – Armistice Cenotaph  [Odham’s Standard, Denovali, 2014]
Building Instrument – Klokka Sju  [Building Instrument, Hubro, 2014]
Witxes – Through Abraxas III  [A Fabric Of Beliefs, Denovali, 2014]
Swans – She Loves Us!  [Not Here Not Now, Young God, 2013]




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